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I want to tell you about the development of our new quiz Game for Android!

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I've had the idea for a long time to make a small but interesting game for mobile devices. To make it fast enough, say for a month. It's like a test for yourself.)
And here we are with our programmer started working on such a game. Was chosen genre Quiz. Why?

1. Games of this type will be interesting to a wide range of players (from children to adults);
2. It's still learning and learning something new and interesting about the world for the player, not just a clicker or stupidly killing time.
3. Minimum development costs.


So, we started working on it. I'll tell you right away, we've done a month. Even faster.)
The idea was that you need to make several different game modes, the choice of different subjects of questions, as well as achievements and leaderboard.
It seems to be nothing complicated...
We are working on the Unity3D engine and made the first blank quite quickly. The programmer did for me editor where you can add three types of questions (template, unique, Yes-no), create a table with answers, choose topics, etc. Such full-featured editor out. Very comfortable!

The interface was ordered from a friend of the artist, who has long been working in different directions.
With the sounds helped us composite which at Michelau work.
I started writing questions on different topics. Occupation is quite a chore, of course... A lot of everything you need to find, check, translate and add it all to the table of answers and questions.
So, I wrote more than 670 unique questions! Plus here it is necessary to add more than 600 templates.

ENG Tema

Subjects are now such, but slowly we will add new ones:
1. Geography
2. IT
3. A surprising number
4. Biology
5. Space

Modes made several on time and without time + different number of attempts (lives).

Also added Achievements to make it more interesting to play. Basically they are not complicated, although there are more hardcore)
Knowledge Leaderboard shows who scored how many points per game. Points are given for the Victory (in each mode, a different number).

The game is free with the minimum possible amount of advertising.
Who is interested, please try: GooglePlay

ENG Game 5

ENG Game 2

ENG Game 3

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