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The full release is already in reach - March 21, 2022! Time to deep dive into the evil antagonist: The Dread Corp.

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We’re quickly approaching Orbital Bullet’s full release on March 21, 2022!

Until then, we’d like to share some yet unknown background information as well as some first-hand intel on what to expect from the full release update – because we got lots of cool stuff up our sleeves.
For the time being, we want to drop some knowledge about the evil Dread Corp that threatens the universe – the big bad, so to speak.

Dread Corp IntroductionThe Dread Corp is a highly advanced cyber-tech company that exploits all kinds of available resources for their shady research purposes as well as new technologies. They already exist and operate for a very long time now. They travel the planetary systems one after another with the goal to subjugate all systems' living beings and gather the planets' valuable resources to further improve their technical standards and to expand their army - of course.

Their brutal behavior is well-known by this time. Once they arrive, they immediately start to infiltrate the society by making false promises to the lower class, radicalizing them to join their forces. Even the lesser evolved creatures and the planet’s wildlife is getting exploited, making them mere tools by deploying them as workers and using them for transportation.

By doing so, they are driving a wedge between the society, gaining more and more popularity and followers. And, if necessary, they will use brute force and their advanced technology to speed up this process. In their view, this is the easiest way to exploit civilization for the Dread Corps evil purposes.

Dread Corp MotivationThe Dread Corp’s ultimate goal is to become the superior race and supreme ruler of the universe.
They want to achieve a life without illnesses, no crime – a society living in peace and controlled by a single mind. The resources they gather on their raids are used to achieve new technical standards, like mind cloning devices, teleportation and much more. Ultimately conquering all planets and creating one big hive minded society.

I mean, this sounds not too evil, right? But do you remember the Meat Factory? The horrendous place, even Freddy Krueger is getting nightmares? -Yep! We're talking really grim stuff, when it comes to the Dread Corp.

Fraggers, someone needs to put a stop to them – and that’s where you come into play!

Save the universe, Fragger! And please keep it up and stay trigger-happy!
We cannot put in words the passion, dedication, and support you have shared with us!
Thank you, and keep the hype-train until release rolling!

-Your Teams of SmokeStab and Assemble Entertainment-

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