Orbital Bullet is a fast paced 360° action-platformer with rogue-lite elements, where all actions take place in a circular pattern. Fight your way through a variety of procedural planets and use body modifications, crafting, upgrades and heavy weaponry.


360° hard-boiled gunplay: Projectiles traverse in a 360°-degree pattern, allowing for a new unrivaled gunplay feeling.

“Just one-more-run”: Procedurally generated planets, mean enemies, badass bosses, a diverse weaponry and game changing upgrades guarantee addictive gameplay.

Make the most satisfying long-range curved snipes you have ever done, or blast and shred enemies with a load of your hyper shotgun. Or are you more of a rocket launcher fella?

Fast paced unrelenting pixel style-action: each death is permanent, but let’s be honest, dying is part of the fun.


Having a hard time making progress? Don’t worry, we got you covered! After each death, you will be able to spend Nanobytes to receive permanent upgrades and skills.

How about a bigger Medi-Backpack or extra shield to last a little bit longer?

Or activate the Combo System, to tremendously increase the pacing of the game and receive certain multipliers to currency drops and EXP.

Don’t like your starting weapon? Unlock a new, more powerful one right from the start and get your revenge.


Build your own custom skill tree with our Dynamic Skill Trees! Make clever decisions to empower skills and reach new power spikes, while the tree changes every time you play.

“We need guns, lots of guns.” Unlock, find, or buy more than 42 different guns, weapon upgrades and various power-enhancing perks that will change the way you’ll play.

Unlock four different classes to choose from, like the turret-carrying Engineer or the fire-fueled Hellion, each with a different skill tree.

Are you the type of person who enjoys some good ol’ pain? Good, because we got a Streak System that will make the game considerably more difficult (coupled with a few other surprises) with each completed run, until your streak ends. Don’t worry, though, you will have plenty of opportunity to die.


Orbital Bullet features a pounding electronica soundtrack composed by Juha Korpelainen & Niilo Takalainen. If you die a lot, at least you can listen to some catchy tunes.


The Save the World Edition includes Orbital Bullet and the game’s official booming soundtrack. In addition, Assemble Entertainment donates 10% of the revenues of this edition to the non-profit organization Ocean Cleanup, which develops advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. This is the best option for all those who would like to support the work of the developer of Orbital Bullet even more and do something good at the same time.

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Orbital Bullet’s full release on March 21, 2022, is quickly approaching.

As previously promised, it’s about time we drop some insider news about the full release update. Yeah, we know that teasers like the one that’s about to follow will make your trigger-fingers itch even more…but hey, this is fine.

This time, we’d like to show you the all-new Overcharge mechanic for dynamic skill tree skills. While you’re on a run, you may find futuristic looking cubes like that one:

These cubes are called Overcharge Fragments, and once you find three of them, you are prompted to overcharge one of your already activated skills from the dynamic skill tree. By doing so, the selected skill will get overcharged and receives enhanced functionalities. Here are two examples:

Laser Boots:If this skill gets overcharged, the laser of your boots will be increased in size and does more damage.

Combat Drone:If this skill gets overcharged, the drone increases in size and has an improved attack pattern (shoots 3 bullets instead of 1).

The Overcharge mechanic for skills is capped at a maximum of 5 skills that you can be overcharged during a single run. Oh, by the way, there are Overcharge and Eternity modifiers for guns as well. Brrrrrrrrrr…yet another teaser, sorry.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are for Update 1.0 which is about to drop on March 21. We have quite a lot of new stuff up our sleeves. Stay tuned. Stay excited. Stay safe.

-Your Teams of SmokeStab and Assemble Entertainment-

Orbital Bullet Devlog #2 - The Dread Corp

Orbital Bullet Devlog #2 - The Dread Corp


The full release is already in reach - March 21, 2022! Time to deep dive into the evil antagonist: The Dread Corp.

Orbital Bullet Devlog - 2022 starts with the 'Upcycling' Update!

Orbital Bullet Devlog - 2022 starts with the 'Upcycling' Update!


Let's have a closer look, what the next Orbital Bullet Early Access content update has to offer!

Finalists Revealed For 2020 IGF Awards

Finalists Revealed For 2020 IGF Awards


The finalists have been revealed for the Game Developer Conference Independent Games Festival for 2020, with Mutazione and Untitled Goose Game picking...

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