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OpenJKDF2 is a function-by-function reimplementation of DF2 in C, with 64-bit ports to MacOS and Linux.

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What is OpenJKDF2?

OpenJKDF2 is a function-by-function reimplementation of DF2 in C, with 64-bit ports to MacOS and Linux. Files are organized as closely to the original game as possible, based on symbols from the Grim Fandango Remaster Android/Linux/macOS port, as well as scattered assertions from various other games. It also contains the original versions of byacc and flex used for COG script parsing. Created by Max Thomas. Find this Project here: OpenJKDF2 For more information on this project check out this great video below:

JKGFXMOD Texture and Enhancement Pack Support

Last Month after reaching out to Max about the Texture packs he released a version of OpenJKDF2 that actually allows us to implement the "Remastered" Texture packs into this new Engine of the Game! One of the best features about this new engine is it has in game configurations! Unlike the JKGFXMOD (where you had to open the jkgm.json file in order to configure it) for OpenJKDF2 all you have to do is open up the display menu and you have all kinds of options added! You can now even change Field of view and Limit the Frame Rate from this menu and it doesn't require extra Exe files or separate third party programs! Check out the screen shot below showing all the amazing features that the Mod has in the menu!

OpenJKDF2 Display Menu

How to Install OpenJKDF2 with "Remastered" Texture Packs

Installation takes a bit of work but it is actually fairly simple and I believe most users should have no problem.

Download the Mods

Then Watch Video Guide below:

Remastered 3.0 Installer

The next version of the Mod 3.0 is going to Feature OpenJKDF2 as the backbone of the installation rather than the JKGFXMOD! So stay tuned for that! For now either enjoy 2.0 installer or you can watch how to manually install OpenJKDF2 above. Unfortunately, Mysteries of the Sith is not compatible with OpenJKDF2 however Max Thomas has mentioned that he will be creating an engine for that game as well later on in the future!


There is still pros and cons to each version but at the end of the day everyone should have the ability now get a somewhat remastered version of this amazing game! Maybe someday will get an even better remastered but for now enjoy these amazing Open Source engines! Until the next one guys! And May the Force by with you!

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