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Patch 5.3 is the long awaited, and slaved over, patch that finally addresses a multitude of issues with maps, weapons, and most of all SOFT WORLD BOUNDARIES [hint hint hint].

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Patch 5.3 is the long awaited, and slaved over, patch that finally addresses a multitude of issues with maps, weapons, and most of all SOFT WORLD BOUNDARIES [hint hint hint].


More importantly, patch 5.3 finally integrates the sole mutator that put myself in the spotlight to even go team dev: Commanders. A multitude of issues with Renegade (both old and new) generally stemmed from uncoordinated teams, and lack of a good way to bring plans to central focus without just constant chat spamming in all caps. Sure, you'll never get 100% participation in an online game, but being able to vote one man in, to lead and properly channel all information through, does wonders to bring a swarm of misguided men and women together in an epic display of raw, coordinated power.

It may also help to know that commanders have been upgraded significantly since their infant stages as part of a mere mutator years ago. They still maintain their glorious ability to talk amidst the center of your screen, and mark targets for all to see, but they now bring to the table some greatly needed abilities to make commanders less of a novelty, and more of a true boon to teams. From instantly clearing mines in dead buildings, to stopping that monster truck we all call a harvester, commanders are quite the utility for any competitive GDI or Nod team. Dropping cruise missiles and EMPs does little to dampen that reputation as well.

Of course, commanders are far from all we've been up to for 5.3. Due to some phenomenal feedback from the community, the SBH's Laser rifle has been edited to have a usable scope finally!




Another addition to the game is the introduction of classic vehicles. We would classify these as any of the vehicles from Tiberian Dawn that were not used in Renegade. So far there is only one, but my is she a beautiful specimen to behold.

The M2 Bradley will be featured in the newly added 'Classic Vehicle' crate, and sports the designation of Light Tank in-game.




A number of maps have also been added to the base game to facilitate a multitude of play styles and player counts.

Back by popular demand, the original Field has been re-added into the map rotation, with its big brother now being coined 'Field-X'. It also finally gave us an excuse to have a day version of Field once more.





CnC-Eyes was edited by community member @DaKuja with a number of bug fixes and map improvements.




Community member, and AGN member @Sarah! has also contributed more toward the Honda Civics of Ren-X with CnC-Sunrise. That being, it is a map without a ridiculous amount of flair, but is fun and balanced to play on. Think of de_dust from Counter Strike.





Community member and mapper, How-Is-He-Still-Not-A-Dev-@TK0104 has contributed another large, high player count map with CnC-Outpost.





Before he disappeared, community member @Redline contributed a nice little map by the name of CnC-Cliffside, though the project was later picked up and edited to proper playable standards by @Luhrian. As one of the few maps that still use advanced base defenses, it is sure to stand out.





Due to popular demand, CnC-Valley and CnC-Glasses are both properly removed from the base game.

TL;DR Patch Notes:

+Added team commanders

+Added buffs/nerfs, along with overlays that apply to a player's infantry and vehicles

+Updated radio/vote menu

+Replaced soft world boundaries with playable area volumes (less glitchy and easier to work with for mappers)

+64-bit executables should be fine for CLIENTs now (Sound bug may still be an issue)

+Re-added old Field


5.31 Changelist



+ Commanders are voted in currently just by 9 on the vote menu [Very much subject to change]

+ Spotted Targets by Commanders are visible to the entire team, and numbered.

+ Typing Team chat messages beginning with /R or /C works for Rush messages and commander messages, ala Commander mod

+ Servers can set for Commanders to remain static (E.G for PUGs/Competitive games with static teams)

+ Commanders have access to a command menu via Ctrl+C

-Commander Menu Functions-

+ 1. Set/Remove Waypoints

+ 2. Remove Mines from Buildings

+ 3. Support Powers [Mass Spotting, EMPs, Smoke, Cruise Missiles, and Offensive/Defensive buffs]

+ 4. Harvester Options [Start/Stop + Send to Waypoint + Set to Destroy]

+ 5. Commander Help (Contains more or less everything you need to know about commanding)

-Stat Modifiers-

+ Players can now receive status effects that affect both their infantry and vehicles


+ Added CRATE: Damage Resistance [Lasts 5 minutes; Adds 33% damage reduction until it expires, or you die]

+ Added CRATE: Speed Crate (No longer stacks, and only lasts for 5 minutes, but is +15% AND affects vehicle sprinting)

+ Added CRATE: Classic vehicle crate


+ Added M2 Bradley [The classic Light tank]


+ You now accrue a small bit of VP for vehicle damage, on top of assists/kills



+ Offensive/Defensive Players of the game no longer take KDR into account

+ Offensive/Defensive Player of the game now factors in vehicle damage done


+ Shotgunner:
- Shotgun: Increased rate of fire from 1.5s > 1.2s

+ Grenadier:
- Grenade Launcher: MCT Damage multiplier reduced from 2.5x to 1.75x

+ McFarland: Cost decreased from 250 > 200
- Grenade: Increased Base Damage from 100 > 150

+ Patch:

- Tac-Rifle: Removed hit-scan at Elite; Lowered projectile speed increases with veterancy; reduced Vet range increases from 1000uu increments, to 500uu;

- Grenade Launcher: Is now an actual weapon ability, as opposed to tacked on to the rifle

+ Sydney:
- Personal Ion Cannon: Reduced headshot multiplier from 5x > 1.5x

+ Mobius:
- VoltAutoRifle: Increased spread from 0.005 > 0.008

+ Medium Tank:

- Increased veterancy projectile lifespan modifiers to 5/10/15%

+ Mammoth Tank:

- Removed veterancy speed increases

- Removed veterancy projectile speed increases

- Increased veterancy projectile lifespan modifiers to 5/10/15%


+ Shotgunner:
- Shotgun: Increased rate of fire from 1.5s > 1.2s

+ Raveshaw:
- Railgun: Reduced headshot multiplier from 5x > 1.5x

+ Flame Trooper:
- Flamethrower: Headshot multiplier increased from 1.0x > 1.15x

+ Chem-Trooper: Cost Decreased from 250 > 200
- Chemical Thrower: Increased Headshot multiplier from 1.0x > 1.25x
- Tiberium Grenade: Increased Base Damage from 100 > 150; Added a slowing debuff when hit by a chem grenade

+ Light Tank:

- Decreased Reload speed from 0.75 > 0.65 (Closer to Med DPS vs. heavy armour)

- Increased veterancy projectile lifespan modifiers to 5/10/15%

+ Flame Tank:

- Increased veterancy speed increases from none to 5/10/15%

+ TS Recon Bike:

- More stable when driving, and can now turn without swerving out of control

+ Stealth Tank:

- Turning/Handling while sprinting increased significantly, making them less floaty feeling

+ Apache:

- Fixed Machine gun rate of fire so it shoots faster on Elite rather than Veteran

User Interface

+ 'Kick' menu on the quick interface now uses pages, and lists players as opposed to forcing you to type in an ID

+ Implemented stand in Unrealscript UI overhaul in preparation for Flash overhaul

Quality of Life

+ Pressing 'Switch to Ability' after that ability is already selected will switch back to the previous weapon

+ Maximum allowed players on servers upped from 40 to 64

+ MRLS first person camera moved up slightly

+ CLIENT 64-bit binaries should work for the most part now, sans loading screens swapping

+ Changed the Ramjet to bolt action [Easier to track its rate of fire in first person]

+ Decreased overall game size from 12.2GB > 8.93GB [Roughly a 3GB difference)

+ Lowered the 'Transport Helicopter ready' sound

+ Removed the vote cooldowns in Skirmish

+ Going into ironsight while sprinting now works (and stops the sprint)

+ Added Target-FPS slider to video options

+ Already equipped items are now greyed out on the purchase menu.

+ Added toggle sprint & toggle crouch options in the main menu input settings

+ Added several hooks for Rx_Mutator to know when certain events occur (e.g building death)

+ Newly bought Vehicles now drive to the next free parking spot closest to the buyer

+ When trying to plant a beacon in an invalid location the "Planting Beacon failed: This location is invalid!" message now lets you know immediately (as opposed to after the planting animation as it was untill now)


- Updated Laser Rifle's weapon model/sights/sound

- Updated Buggy/Humvee/APC Heroic effects

- Updated Apache/Orca Heroic effects

- Added Several Taunts/Assist sounds to the LCG

- EMP's now pause both the timer and animation of Harvester dumping and harvesting.

Bug Fixes

+ The HUD should now update appropriately once leaving a vehicle when you were a passenger

+ The LCG should no longer instantly fire after spinning and reloading

+ Fixed Artillery fans not lining up with the actual chassis

+ Fixed the Stealth Tanks sprint-turning when Elite/Heroic

+ Soft Boundaries have been replaced with something that 'shouldn't' kill you randomly [HINT HINT HINT]

+ General Optimization

+ Ragdolls are a little less raggedy

+ Fixed skirmish waiting for network players.

+ Fixed only changing one muzzle flash on the Mammoth's Cannons

+ PIC/Rav no longer do more damage to NONE armour types

+ Possible Fix for Multiweapons [namely the Mammoth] doing 0 damage occasionally

+ Fixed projectile Veterancy lifespan modifiers

+ Smoothed out the credit ticker during Harvester dumps in netplay

+ Fixed weapons that were bolt action AND per-bullet-reload having to bolt reload after they finish reloading

+ Fixed a memory leak with weapons

+ Fixed the map vote 'rejected' text to be the same for GDI and Nod

+ Beacons should no longer slide down slopes

+ Beacons should no longer glitch into the foundation of buildings

+ Fixed beacons being placed inside of turrets

+ Fixed a multitude of issues with mines clipping into meshes

+ Fixed an issue with being able to plant on the roof of buildings that didn't have ramps

+ Fixed a major weapon damage exploit

+ Fixed the respawn timer being reset upon rejoining, and not being correct when 1st joining a game

+ Fixed a bug with crates sometimes wrongly giving you the last added crate type

+ Fixed vehicles not getting their Mesh Morph repaired during VP healing

+ Fixed a bug with harvesters getting EMP'd when docking and then getting stuck.

+ Fixed mines sometimes being placed slightly away from the planters location

+ Fixed SBHs not re-stealthing after regenerating via VP

+ Fixed a bug that caused you to die if planting a mine/beacon in shallow water

+ You can no longer plant beacons/mines while swimming


- Replaced all Soft Boundaries with Play Area Volumes

- C130 drop off height is now configurable

- Destroyable obstacle renamed to Destroyable Rock + HP increased 50%

- Moved the GDI Barracks 'shield' to the right and up to give the Bar a bit more protection from Artillery

- Added a rock under the tib arch to stop Artillery from b2b

- The Nod Harvester should ONLY take the tunnel now(except when first spawning) -

- Fixed grass in the Airstrip
- Fixed smoke near the Nod Ref
- Re-positioned Air Tower to original position

- Fixed Team base volumes

- Added blocking volumes to the WF/HoN doors

- Slightly lowered tunnel entry-ramp elevation

- Removed GDI WF and Nod's HON walls, as not to cramp the base

- Placed Vehicle blockers on Barracks doors

- Changed lighting to daytime

- Wall & Rock hop fixes

- Added anti infantry towers
- Added destroyable rock in middle
- Reworked harvester paths for timings
- Fixed multiple out of map exploits

- Tiberium volumes now encompass all tiberium texture areas on the ground.

- Fixed several rock's vehicle collision

- Fixed out of bounds and under map glich spot
- Fixed base to base spot in GDI base
- Updated landscape material

- Orcas can no longer shoot at the Nod Ref from the infantry side or ledge side

- Artillery can no longer hit the GDI Refinery from the hill
- Fixed broken shadow around the river bed
- Removed unnecessary BSP volumes
- Fixed air path nodes that were above the map's stallZ ceiling

- Fixed several bad beacon spots

- Fixed Chems/Vehicles being able to sit in the tiberium on top of 'inaccessible' cliffs.

- GDI back Guard Tower is easier to reach for Nod
- Culling on building interiors

- Fixed river & lake water flow direction

- Fixed Airtower Elevator-Improved lighting & shadows

- Barracks sandbags harder to jump over

- More culling & optimization

- Added fog

- Post Processing added to building interiors


- Widened & improved vehicle tunnel

- Silo's are now captured by default (but can of course still be "stolen")

- Post Process interpolation duration fixed

- Weirdly blue colored rock fixed

- WF vehicle blocking added

- Icicles now break with weaker bullets too.

- Destroyable rock vehicle collision fixed on Snow

- Infantry paths added in vehicle tunnel

- Sniper perches have most of their cover removed
- One tree removed at the front of each base so it's easier to spot & kill snipers aiming into the base
- Giant rocks added on each side of the field to give snipers less sight on everything
- Nod can now enter their secret tunnel from their base
- A lot less cover from the GT when you're at the secret tunnel exit
- GDI now has a secret tunnel too, the GT covers this entrance well
- Lowered the infantry only perch between the two rocks (the ones directly in front of the bases)
- Landscape Material Simplified & Optimized a bit.

- Fixed a number of out of bound glitch spots
- Fixed being able to easily walk over the Nod wall on the Communications Centre side.
- Can no longer sneak into the Nod base from behind the Hand of Nod
- Can no longer sneak into the Nod Power Plant, from behind the storage containers


- Raised GDI/Nod Refs by a couple units
- Made sure fast moving vehicles cant jump the left Nod wall

Officials: Re-added Old Field

Customs: Updated Tomb; Updated Eyes; Removed Glasses; Added CnC-Outpost; Added CnC-SunRise; Added CnC-Cliffside


Oh. Well this was quite a surprise to see this being updated.

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Wow this update rocks!

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Very nice! Thank you for spending the time to add more maps and fixes!

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Ow yes, need to get back into this!

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Massive update! Thanks guys - really good news to see such a recent update! You need to get this out so people know?!

Cant find download link?

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Downloaded , now how do I launch a single mission or a single company if available in this mods for 6 GB available !?

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