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Creating new entities that works well is good for future development, but what about the contents that were already created?

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Hi all, here’s another update that might or might not make you happy. Amnesia is a game that mostly depends on light effects. Penumbra games were also known with their great lightning & illumination effects. Under the circumstances, a good mod must use the most powerful aspect of the engine. So, my bad design choices come to an end that I need to work some things over.

Lamp Entities

As in one of the previous posts, I mentioned the new lamps. However, they were only models and not lightable, nor have effects. Therefore, I needed to add lights and billboards around them manually, which were nothing but waste of time without being able to optimize.

Creating One?

Yes, creating one was the last step I took recently. It was fun to create a custom entity that works well. This, if you manage to make it work well. Otherwise, it’s nothing more than a burden. However, I added lights and billboards easily and they were looking good. After some adjustments to billboards and illumination range, it was good but one thing was absent: ambiance illumination. This can be seen easily when your fluorescent is lit, but doesn’t illuminate the ceiling, even a little bit. So I added a big point light with highly reduced diffuse as ambiance illumination.

So Where is the ‘Step Back’?

Here is the step back. Now, I need to go back and re-work all of the maps I’ve created so far. I need to delete eternal lights & billboards, while making flickering unlit the entity and add an external light source. This can be quite troublesome if you have many play of light within codes you wrote. For the third level, I need to rework dozens of lines of code to make it playable again.

However, after all this work, I’m now able to create the levels faster. Just placing one entity is enough to give the feeling. Decide on final look!

You can see rest of the images here. Though there is not much.


Oh wow, is this a mod that doesn't re-use all of the content of Amnesia?

I'll track it for that reason alone.

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Tanshaydar Author

The story is set in 2000s, so using assets from 1839 would be ridiculous. Actually, I was using them in my first builds, and if you want, I can send you a few screens of them for you to see how absurd this mod was at the beginning.

I have a couple of custom entities too, however, without a 3D modeler, that's all I can do.

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The only good thing I got from this is all these great dev pics.

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