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Little report about graphics improvements. Lots of screens and videos. :)

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I just want to show some graphical advances of future OGSE release. Less words - more screens :)

- Antialiasing. We added two antialiasing techniques in STALKER because vanilla AA is poor. One of the techniques is Fast Approximate Antialiasing - FXAA (by Timothy Lottes from NVidia). Second one - Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing (SMAA, Jorge Jimenez et al). Both techniques are able to gather subpixel information so processed picture is quite good without much "soap". Look at the railroad bridge on screens.


User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

- Detail Bump. Most of you, guys, definitely saw this feature in STALKER: Clear Sky. With detail bump tiny details on surfaces looks relief. We discovered the way to bring this in OGSE You can see detail bump in-game on right side.

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image
User Posted ImageUser Posted Image
User Posted ImageUser Posted Image
User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

- Sunshafts.

This feature becomes different. Just look:

- Rain drops on outfit visors. When it is raining your suit's visor will be covered by rain drops. Here you can see demonstration of this technology:

That's all, folks! Hope you enjoyed it :)

Lоnerboner - - 8,303 comments

Damn damn damn guys. Nicely done. I love the stalker community :) What people can achieve with an engine dated from 2004 is amazing!

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xxVODKAxx - - 1,141 comments

Looks great!

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Snoozle - - 601 comments

outstanding *:D can't wait for release, hope you guys really manage it this summer or late summer *;D

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☣GenezisO☢ - - 2,268 comments

Whole new stalker. Nice work there. But there is a thing that is necessary to make mod better. I can see sun effects, antialiasing and water drops - perfect work, but I badly recognise old stalker ShoC textures. I see no new textures in pictures you add to this article. You could use textures from my mod guys:
I recommend it for your new version of mod because You made new effects, but it still miss some nice textures, thats what you can do - use ones from Legendary and you won't regret it. Yes, I know that Legendary textures needs more of RAM capacity but your point is to make real game. Do it so.

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SimplyYuri - - 1,199 comments

I'm afraid that's hardly possible because 0693 uses almost critical amount of memory - 1.7 GB. If you exceed this threshold you will get unstable game.

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Amoch - - 1,541 comments

Couldn't you use the 3gb enable fix from Complete? There are some texture packs out there that offer greatly enhanced visuals. Anyways, very impressive work!

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K.D. Author
K.D. - - 183 comments

HD textures are very heavy :) But anyone can use your pack (or some other packs) as an addon. It requires only a textures.ltx merging.

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d4v33edz - - 3,070 comments

How impressive does this look.... mighty impressive!

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Beac - - 1,030 comments

That's great guys! How did you go about getting that great rain effect working so well?

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K.D. Author
K.D. - - 183 comments

Some textures + simple shader + boring engine tweaking to get necessary timers into the shader.

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fauxhb - - 46 comments

wow. if you added gun bobbing i'd say the sunshaft video was MORE than realistic.

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slipkid69 - - 1,339 comments


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