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OGaM, one of the longest running developed games may be on its way back for more, much better than ever before. Post continued below...

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Aright then, its been a very very long time since this game was halted for development, people had commitment issues, bugs were everywhere and all sorts of stuff was going on. Now first of all I would like to thank everyone for holding on for so long and I would assume that with the lack of late development, following is much less than what it used to be.

I would like to get a start on this in due time again, pick it up where it was left off and take it one step at a time. To help this, I will make development more interactive to you, the player. How would u do this? Please read on.

As intended, the game will still promise most of what was announced but within reason inside the box. Without the necessary tools or any sort of functional program, modelling, creature development/imports, Multiplayer etc WILL NOT be delivered, everything else script-side will be. So the next question is, how am I going to make development more interactive to the player? It's quite simple.

Draw your attention to the OGaM forums in the coming weeks for new threads to help you to help me get this done, the bug report and suggestion forums and templates are currently active. I will be updating the site with alot of new stuff in order to achieve this, such things as:

- Bug Report Forum
- Suggestion Forum
- Live Updates
- Technical Solutions

And more. Additionally I would also like to take a step-by-step approach to OGaM and let you the player help decide what to do next, this limits to anything that does not conflict with the story or progression from land to land but more on effective means on how to get there and the ultimatum of the decision.

About the New Forums:

Bug Report Forum:
This will be created to effectively allow players to identify major issues related to lag, choppy sections of land, broken features and broken challenges. I will include a simple template to follow to help me understand what you are trying to tell me, this will also let other ppl know the issue has been noted so double-ups of the same issue don't appear. Please feel free to post in those specific topics if you are experiencing a similar issue.

Suggestion Forum:
Same as the bug report forum, feel free to drop a suggestion in, this limits to anything within the box that can be used via scripting. As with the bug report forum, I will provide a template that will make it clearer.

Live Updates:
My own personal forum to post updated content as I complete it, this includes new scripts, screenshots, videos and an additional place to host releases.

Technical Solutions
Another great forum where topics written by myself will try help you with any issue you may have with the game, whether it is installation, broken features or broken challenges, this topic will be locked and any problems you have, please bring them up in the Bug Report Forum. Note too that I may provide a similar option for black and white 2's core game.

@ The Game - I will post more later on regarding the game's current position and where we will go from there.

@ The Team - If you are all still out there, please drop me a reply here or send a PM.

Thankyou and its great to be here!



I still cant get past the first mission :P

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Still waiting patiently.

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sweet! I cant wait to play multiplayer

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