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Upcoming info on an interview, the alpha and a scary competition with a bad prize.

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Well hello there!

Today is an odd day, GeneralBert is away helping a friend with an interview for his college project, and because you see loads of game interviews like that his friend asked him to do it about the game, so he's away doing that, however that means we can put that up here to give you lot a good chunk of info on the game (his interview has to be professional, so we tried!). I would have been there but I'm here having a battle with code to get things going for the Alpha.

Now, if you've seen the new video, you'll be happy to see I've sorted the damn lights out, now everything is creepier and it even worries me when I'm running tests that something is gonna creep out and get me. That's looking a lot better, I'm not moving onto getting all those guns working nicely, makes killing zombies more fun, I mean it'd be hard to kill them with the pen, no wait. I'm not allowed to talk about that yet. Forget that.

Moving on. Hopefully I'll get weapons and such sorted by the end of this week, after that there's just polishing and some nifty networking code for logins to be added, plus menu's but they're easy, then the alpha will be almost ready.

We have a competition that we're going to run during the Alpha too, we have no idea what the prize could be yet, maybe early access to the beta or something :) but more importantly, we'll tell you about this later! I have weapons to use :D



Nice. Havent watched the video yet.

About when alpha comes in near future... Is there going to be only instaler or do you inclued also zip file ? I mean i have password lock on my pc so i dislike installers.

Mum especialy doesnt like zombies even tho they would be popes or obamas <.<

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MrFoxx Author

We're not sure on the release yet, but I'm still not 100% sure on how the game will be available currently, we'll have to get back toyu.

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