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A comprehensive nuclear war system is now in place with more features in the works to further add depth to the Cold War.

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Nuclear War is finally in the game! This I believe is the first time such a complex nuclear war system has been implemented in Victoria 2 so naturally it is in the BETA stage at the moment.

You can download the latest version with the BETA from the Github link on the first post of the CWE thread.

Nuclear Bomb Development Mechanics:

Step 1: Develop the Atomic Bomb

Step 2: Wait a few years

Step 3: Gain Atomic capability

Step 4; Research ICBM to unlock Hydrogen Bomb

Step 5: Develop the Hydrogen Bomb

Step 6: Wait a few years

Step 7: Gain Hydrogen Bomb capability

Research ICBM, Strategic Bombers and Submarine Launched Nuclear Missiles technologies to unlock ICBM Delivery Method, Bomber Delivery Method and Submarine Delivery Method respectively

Having all 3 methods grant MAX Nuclear Capability allowing for full scale retaliation and attack

Having 2 methods grant MEDIUM Nuclear Capability allowing for medium scale retaliation and attack

Having only 1 method grants LOW Nuclear Capability allowing for only small scale retailation and attack

Puppets lose nuclear capability.

Nuclear War Mechanics:

Once Defcon1 has been reached, the Nuclear Ultimatum decision will be unlocked. When the decision is triggered, all nations at war with THIS will recieve the 'Nuclear Ultimatum' event which gives the option of immediate peace or face a nuclear attack. Refusing the ultimatum causes the nation to recieve a nuclear attack proportional to the Nuclear Capability of the attacking nation.

Once the attack has been carried out, all nations that have recieved the attack and possess Nuclear weapons can now choose to launch a "Second Strike" which will be proportional in scale to the Nuclear Capability of the nation carrying out the second strike.

Nuclear attack causes modifiers to be added to the affected provinces with severe economic and population effects. Expect total breakdown of the nation when engaging in full scale retaliation.


How long into the war do you need to stay for DEFCON 1 to be reached?

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settintotrieste Author

Until 40% of your territory has been occupied

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