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2009 end-year update. NProject Mod 2.7 preview, and a very special bonus trailer. Happy holiday!

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Yup, finally another update. I'm really busy these days, college tasks and exams are really killing me, and I got to work on Recolonize stories. And I see the NProject Mod 2.7 is way too big above my prediction.

Well, here's the list of the NProject Mod current build I have. You will see why I see it's too big. The list still increasing

New Units/Upgrade/Ability/etc.:
- Sniper infantry for Stealth General
- Heavy Toxin Tractor for Toxin General
- Twin-Gattling Tank for Tank General
- Boss General can build Terrorist from Barracks!
- All Boss General infantry can use combat bike! (already explained few weeks ago)
- Revamped Missile Defender Laser Lock ability (hopefully better and fix the infamous defender lock bug)
- Laser General Battle Drone also gain Laser Capasitors upgrade effect! Their MG replaced with laser with this upgrade
- Laser General Ranger now starts with laser gun, and now called Laser Ranger
- Battle Bus Junk Bunker ability! They will convert into a defensive bunker after destroyed once.
- New model for Firebase, also fix Firebase firing angle (thanks to The_Hunter)

Some Stuffs:
- Added a new map: Unused EA "Mountain Mayhem (4)" that supposed to be the "Mountain Fox" map in classic Generals
- Expanded "Scorched Earth" map size. Now both player starting base/build area almost twice larger
- Boss General and the other China Supply Center models swapped! I've got many people complaining the Supply Truck size
- Return the oasis on each starting positions in "Golden Oasis" that removed in Zero Hour version

- Fixed Superweapon General Challenge mission loading error that existed in version 2.6.1 (do you want the hotfix now?)
- Demo General SCUD Storm weapon damage reduced a bit so it cannot destroy a superweapon building in one-go again
- Fix minor coding error from version 2.6 that makes Scud Storm model partially disappeared when sold at night condition
- All buildable aircraft and artillery units guard range sightly increased, makes them can guard areas more effective
- Increased Minigunner build cost and time for each pair because it's highly spammable in previous versions
- Assault Troop Crawler build cost also increased because the increased Minigunner build cost
- Worker healthpoint increased to 140. This have been applied in original Generals, but removed in Zero Hour
- Rebalanced Missile Defender rocket fuel time, now matching their faction counterparts (RPG and TankHunter)
- Increased Fortified Bunker build cost
- Flamethrower infantry healthpoint increased for higher survivability
- Spy Plane moves faster
- Killed Stinger Soldiers respawn faster, increasing the Stinger Site effectiveness as a base defense
- Remove Demolitions suicide ability from Demo General base defenses because the ability too useless
for a base defense
- Angry Mob member movement speed increased a bit and will not reduced when injured, so they can catch the nexus faster
- Dragon Tank attack range increased for higher weapon effectiveness and survivability
- MiG Black Napalm and Tactical Nuke MiG weapons reload time increased to 200% to prevent MiG attack spamming
- Support Van no longer affected by any ECM or vehicle disabler weapons
- Sentry Drones now can attack while moving
- Reduced Sentry Drone build cost
- Battle Drone now repair their master correctly (sometimes they attack/move to the enemy while repairing, which is fail)
- Point Defense Drone can't use their laser to enemy infantry anymore, they will just attack them with the guns
- Now Boss General King Raptor also requiring Boss General War Factory to be built
- A-10 Thunderbolt and Napalm Strike MiG missiles now can't be lasered by Avenger PDL
- Laser Crusader and Paladin, and Sentry Drone no longer disabled when low power due to unfixable bug (thanks to Mucip999)
- Mortar infantry weapon damage reduced to 63% for balancing reason (thanks to GeneralCamo)

AI Tweaks:
- Fix scripting error that makes vGLA AI activate GPS Scrambler when their Sneak Attack is ready instead the right one
- For amusement, the AI won't sell their buildings even they are in pinch. Go hunt every of their single buildings! >:D
- Improvement on some generals attack forces (they will attack with more units)
- Hard GLA AI sometimes will build more Black Markets
- Fix the bug that makes Demo General AI didn't build more than one Black Markets
- Improved Boss General AI
- Fix minor scripting error that makes any China AI build light vehicle counter team on the wrong time
- Fix expansion dozer scripts that told the AI to build wrong dozer on each subfactions
- Superweapon General AI will build less Particle Cannon but build an extra Airfield for Aurora Alphas
- Fix the bug that makes Easy USA AI not properly upgrade their Cold Fusion Reactor
- Easy AI will build forces sooner compared to the old AI
- Fix AI problem that sometimes ignore tech/neutral buildings that owned by their enemies

Minor Things:
- Fix minor issue that makes Sneak Attack when activated is totally silent except for the player that activate it
- Fix "You Are Defeated" voices in skirmish and multiplayer that sometimes not played if you are GLA or China factions
- Fix minor bug that makes Terrorist death voice played when any Demo General units use their Suicide ability
- NProject Mod credits added in the game credits roll
- Fix minor art error that Dr.Thrax picture (at Generals Challenge selection) background is not green toxin clouds
- Fix minor art error that General Fai picture (at Generals Challenge selection) background infantry lost their guns
- Improved Helix Gattling Cannon attacking animation
- Improved Helix Napalm Bomb detonation effects
- Fix missing model issue on Firebase when sold/constructed on reallydamaged condition
- Emperor Overlord uses the right model when destroyed, not turn into normal Overlord again
- Fixed Nuke Cannon Nuclear Shells explosion effect that bit off from the center of the explosion
- Improved Avenger model, the "strange thing" removed, and the front turret can turns
- All Anthrax Gamma garrison clearing weapon will make the right toxin splash color effect when clearing garrison
- Trees can be damaged/killed by more kind of weapons! Try destroying trees with explosions or poisons! (thanks to beng)
- Burned/destroyed trees will disappeared after a while
- Fixed EMP Patriot model that use wrong model when constructing or being sold
- New wave color for ECM Tank missile jammer weapon!
- Improved China War Factory repair crane animation
- New China Flamethrower attacking animation
- Several fixes on Firebase, Patriot Missiles, Listening Outpost, GLA Barracks, China Airfield, and Toxin Rebel cameos
- Fix Scorpion Rocket upgrade cameo that have wrong tank body paint

AND...!! I got a special present for you!

Introducing... Shoop Da Whoop Guy

New Uber Unit For Hire

New Uber Unit For Hire

A brand new uber unit for hire. With a good mix of sounds and memes... in Christmas outfit!
This gigantic inhuman being with over 9000 power level that come from nowhere born from randomness. Walking and dancing around with his huge iPod and speaker box while Firin Mah Lazor. You really don't want to see this thing coming to your base. WARNING: Killing him will triggering rickroll!

You can see this unit in action on this video:

This Unit will be available on NProject Mod 2.7 as worldbuilder easter egg, and also on public release of n5p29 GRANS Minimod entry if you don't want to wait.

Well, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

Here's another gift from me. NProject Mod Christmas Wallpaper. (you can use it for greetings by putting a text on the empty space on the below part if you want)

Happy Holiday From NProject Mod

And feel free to vote this mod for ModDB Mod Of The Year 2009. :)


rofl rick roll.

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lofl at shoop da woop guy xD

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LOL hes very OP :o

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Good one. Merry Christmas.

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You guys know that this "Shoop Da Whoop" thing is in some circels seen as a racistic caricature for africans?

i know that it has it origins in DB but to ignore all this racistic stuff that was gathered around the "shoop da whoop" guy is .... i dont know stupid and/or racistic!

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n5p29 Author

That unit is created for fun only, no racistic or provocative means. So there's nothing to taken up seriously.
If you don't like it, you can just ignore it.

And don't over-reacting it by giving minus karma to every post here (even the ones that unrelated to that unit)

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