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Lol you are funny... :D N1 dude!

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I hope your only Joking because sir I am SICK of what you just said! As it is people like you WHO CREATES WARS AND RUINS OUR WORLD THAT WE HAVE TODAY!

So never ever say YOU WOULD THINK IT IS COOL TO GO BACK IN TIME TO SEE WARS !!!! .. It may be interesting and fun on a game .. but in real life it is THE MOST HORRIBLE THING IN THIS WORLD!!!! and SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

And for your information my farther has got a long term injury/illness from the army and is suffering from dimensia and will SOON DIE!!!! he had to retire early at the age of 50!!!.. many of my uncles, grandpa's and COUSINS HAVE DIED IN ACTION!!!!!!!!! SO HOW DARE YOU !!! 10000's of people will be DISGUSTED OF WHAT YOU SAID!!! and I'm going to be the one who stands up and tell you .........

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I wish I could so I would not see what you said .. Do you realise real people died .. Nearly the whole world had all their families die!!!!!! War games might be FUN ... BUT WAR ISN'T!!! .. Millions died, and not just the soldiers.... but the WOMEN AND CHILDREN TOO!!!! Whiles all those men and women lay there crying and weeping in pain BEYOND WHAT YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!!! as they wished they could see their families and love ones one more time or for the stupid wars to be over!! So they would pray to whoever their god/goddess or belief were to ask for forgiveness for all their sins and to ask to have their pain taken away .... For people who were just from another country, spoke a different language, had different coloured skin or had a disability or their own belief or opinion GOT KILLED FOR NOTHING .. (And instead of remembering and HONOURING THE DEAD FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE FOR YOU AND I.. YOU THINK IS WOULD BE SO COOL TO GO AND DO IT YOURSELF!! you should be thankful that you are alive today to play games, have fun and maybe (if your really lucky, which I doubt it .. get a girlfriend) It is not great to have a man's body/guts fly over your face.. to be terrorised and to be forced into war when all you wanted was to LIVE A NORMAL PEACEFUL LIFE AND HAVE A FAMILY AND KIDS!!!!! .. they had no choice .. and yet YOU WANT TOO DO IT !!! your a sick bastard if you want to see people die for real and think it would be cool to be in a war.. HOW DARE YOU! .. Whiles millions have died innocently because of a FEW individuals you think it is okay to go and do it. Your a sick physcho because as you said you think it is "COOL" .. I bet your a little kid still playing with your toy soldiers and DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BECAUSE WAR IS WHY WE HAVE ALL THESE PROBLEMS TODAY! Why we have povety, rape, murder, violance, war, blood, hatred, racisim, pollution and EVERYTHING ELSE BAD! ..

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yh keeps making me lol

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Nice avatar.

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askenase Creator

hehe thx

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