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After it's long outdated "finished" state, NProject Mod 2.9 is now released!

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Here you go, as promised, here's the long awaited new release of NProject Mod version. Yes, I did said to not release the mod if this mod get into top 100 in the Mod of the Year. But it turns that it didn't get in the top 100 so here's the release!

There look like nothing much changed from the last version, but actually there are many things have been fundamentally improved, as you can see in the change list. Applying these changes is really grindy and not a really fun thing to do, I hope you can appreciate more of these things than those merely visual changes. So check 'em!

Click HERE or the picture above to download NProject Mod 2.9


Because the users often confused about how to install and run the mod even with provided readme and instructions, in addition the new operating systems having compatibility issues with the mod launcher, I decided to NOT including installer and launcher starting in this version! Check the readme for more information on how to install the mod.

Some highlighted changes:

  • Rescaled infantry units! Although not to the "realism" scale they are not taller than vehicles now.
  • Fixed various issues on all infantry model animations, such as running in place or skidding when moving.
  • All vehicles now can moves backwards! Such revolution! Now there are less pathfinding issues where units often stuck when moving.
  • Trimmed and cleaned up the building codes for better game performance and solved various issues with the individual building.
  • Slight adjustments to all buildings footprints and collision boxes to match their models.
  • All buildings with door animation have been standardized so their door opening time are all equal. Some buildings door opening time were way too long which greatly affect the overall build time of all the units produced from those buildings. Chinese War Factory is the most noticeable one.
  • Added new fancy scrolling animation for the command bar GUI, similar to what you saw in the Generals alpha build videos!
  • Removed the map limit on Skirmish and Network map selection. Now if you have hundreds of maps saved in your computer they all can be displayed in the map selection menu.

  • Base Defenses no longer block unit sights, allowing other units to attack enemies behind them.
  • Rocket infantry attack speed slightly slower to make better uses of their abilities.
  • Fixed the Particle Cannon animation bug that occurs when the building were disabled with Microwave Tank weapon during construction and released upon completion.
  • Avengers and upgraded Overlords will not block dozer builds anymore!
  • Laser Comanche gets Laser Charge ability.
  • You can demolish GLA Holes and Sneak Attack tunnels immediately now.
  • Hijackers now will be able to respawn correctly from all vehicles, not just from USA vehicles!
  • New SCUD Storm animation! Now the missiles will be hidden underground until they are ready to fire.
  • GLA Fake Structures now have the same healthpoints as their real building counterparts. They are also now gain benefits from Fortified Structure upgrade.
  • Even more shadow bleeding issues on several models have been fixed.

Check the readme files for the complete changelog.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Also don't forget to like our Facebook fanpage for more awesome stuffs!



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Thank you very much for this update!

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Thank you so so much for this. It is awesome that you still work on this! ust had a amily Lan-Party and this was all we needed :) ... much love

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Remind me to not vote you in the next top 100 so you can make version 3.0!


Thank you for continuing to update this classic game!

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