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Hello stalkers! Today let's talk about 1.4.666 update coming soon, the new Nightmare Mode, improvements, then find some insight about the next major content update (1.5)!

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Hello stalkers! 🥳
Today let's talk about 1.4.666 update coming soon, the new Nightmare Mode, improvements, then find some insight about the next major content update (1.5)!


⬆ Ready to jump?

Note: those news were announced on Patreon a few weeks ago!
If you really like what I'm doing, you can make a small one-time donation!
You will receive major content updates and also news first!


It was already integrated in Forbidden Trip but not functional. Now it is!
To let it work properly I had to adapt various things.
In example some enemies were nerfed (i.e. moving slower), arenas were updated, more sanity boosts are given when you complete puzzles or escape from dangerous situations… you can say that FT was re-balanced aux petits oignons. ✨🤏

As a result, various small chests containing useful items, like light bulbs, batteries and so on, have been added in some levels as well.
New occasions to heal, find drugs to relax or just being able using your flashlight more often!

So, what is that Nightmare Mode by the way? It's a little like in the original Amnesia.

  • Permanent death: don't make mistakes otherwise you will have to restart from the beginning!
  • Foes are quieter… also angrier.
  • You will find less matches in the environment…
  • … and you need four of them to save your progression manually.
  • Loosing all your sanity will cause an heart attack. Permadeath, remember?

Nightmare Mode

⬆ Yep. You will die, a lot; you might rage a lot too! 💯


The current 1.4 build will be updated with this patch; as we just saw it adds proper Nightmare Mode plus some fixes made on maps, text, UI
I improved many existing levels by adding new light sources, like the train level which was too dark in some areas, or some corridors inside the demolished school.



Train level is brighter now, better.



The school got the same treatment! It looks nicer, don't you think?

Some props or textures have been improved or changed too.
Some new things here and there, more details, you know me.
I also improved the sound design aspect! 👍
I talked about UI, it is now more… visual.


⬆ Example of new important quest initiated!

I took inspiration from the great Yakuza series (you should try it by the way). A new important quest? Big message. Oh, it works the same for important encounters.

So yep, expect a patch containing all this before the next…


Hey, I don't want to spoil things so I'll simply say progress is very good!
I was able to resume work on the project since mid-January. ✅
Enjoy some new screenshots!



⬆ The unknown depths below…






⬆ A little teasing does not hurt… 😏

See you soon and thanks for your continued support and interest! 🤟

I think the 1.4.666 update will be released not far away in the future. 😉
It's being tested since last week.
It will make the way for the next big, 1.5 content update.

I will try to post news a little more often.
I know this is important, even if it's just to say in two lines that everything is all right. 🙇

Take good care my stalkers; I hope you're all safe and in good health,


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