"Tomorrow evening. You have to leave the country in the next 24 hours... some important business. Suddenly you realize you have forgotten crucial files and your passport at work. Since you really need all this, you will have to drive there, hoping that there is still someone to let you enter... if not this will be an illegal entrance. This will take two minutes and then you'll be back home for dinner."

Welcome, stalkers!

  • Early Access available for Xmas 2019!
  • Steam Greenlight opened on the 1st of June 2017! - EDIT: Greenlighted on the 8th of June!
    It will be added on Steam after the final release is out!
  • News on Twitter: Yanka_Prod - More frequent updates & screenshots here.
  • This Total Conversion is inspired by some Asian folklore, ghost stories and initially by (you may have guessed) the Corpse Party game series. The project quickly expanded and became something a lot more personal though.
  • New models, textures, soundtrack, SFX, interface, etc.
  • Various maps, various environments, in and out.
  • Languages: English & French on release, then maybe we'll see for more (Russian, German, Spanish and Italian).
  • More news are coming from time to time so don't forget to subscribe.
  • Between coldness and heat.
  • Between claustrophobia and agoraphobia.
  • Between you and me. What have you done?
  • What is happening?
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Patch 1.1 is out!


Hello stalkers!
The 1.1 patch is here!

Before reading the changes made, I want to let you know that you can support me and those projects on uTip (watch ads without creating an account or send small donations) or Patreon. It's optional but really appreciated. Ideally it would give me more time to work on games because IRL job takes too much time & energy. Thanks. ;)

Image from the benchmark. Path.

So, how to install this?

Be sure to have Forbidden Trip - Early Access (base package 1.0) already installed on your system. Then, download the 1.1 patch; you just need to merge the Forbidden_Trip folder in the patch zip archive with the one already on your computer and it's done! Replace all files when asked.

It should be compatible with your saves.

Image from the benchmark. Pool.

1.1 patch: optimization patch.

This patch is important! It makes the current Early Access a "healthy" base so that I can finish and add the next maps (the objective of next patches). :)

The main point of this is to address the performance issues: if you could not play on 1.0, you should try again with this patch, you may be surprised! Here is why:

  1. all Forbidden Trip textures are now optimized (pow2 size & correct dimension) = no more runtime crashes between levels, faster loadings...
  2. the benchmark is here: use the hatch on the ground when you begin a new story to launch it. It lasts 60 seconds and will help you determine if you should use the...
  3. performance mode; it's back! Select this mode when starting a new story and you will be able to play the larger maps easily! No more low FPS, if you have an older computer this is for you! Personally I nickname it the Silent Hill mode. Even if you have a strong machine you might want to try it for fun... ;)
  4. updated Windows launchers; the x64 launcher is back as well.
  5. various updates, corrections, edits... for more details, read the complete changelog:

1.1 changelog

// General:

  • TEXTURES OPTIMISATION: all textures I created for this project are now fully optimized to pow2 size (651 files were manually edited).
    Additionally, the size of some textures was too big so that was reduced.
    Some decals (18) needed to be fixed as well.
    The result is faster loadings and no C++ runtime errors/crashes! I was able to play it on a toaster laptop!
    Note: there may be a few pow2 errors left because of content made by others that are used (only a few textures & models). I will fix them later if it causes problems but you should be fine for now.
    As a reminder, the game often do autosaves so you can resume quickly from where you were!
  • PERFORMANCE MODE: it's back, for those of you who struggle at 2 fps in the biggest maps. Select this option when you start a new game and you will be able to play those maps in better condition. I call this the Silent Hill mode! Try it even if you have a strong PC... ;P
  • BENCHMARK: launch this one minute benchmark to see if you should play using performance mode or not.
  • Missing chapter messages added.
  • Minor text edits on two loading screens.
  • Wrong (older) music (not) playing during credits (no music would play).
  • Updated Windows launchers; x64 exe is back too.
  • Added missing mat file.

// Levels:

-Fixed a few minor textures issues (clipping or misplaced ones).
-Testing some upgraded pine trees thanks to Draugemalf & NutBoi!

-Misc tweaks.

-Misc tweaks.

-Removed unused note.
-Sometimes a door would be unlocked instead of locked.

-Added block walls to avoid falling into the void in the stairwell.
-Cutscene with stalker is now quicker.
-Loading screen was updated with correct text.
-Some text not showing.

-Hint message about unlocking/breaking a door was not appearing.
-Hint message about next level objective was not appearing.
-Rope puzzle has been updated: rope is visible again when put. It might be upgraded in the future.
-Misc tweaks.

-A message saying player could use some planks then a hammer to pass through somewhere was not showing.
-A note was showing nothing, corrected.
-Added gore stuff where needed.

Dangerous anomalies...

Last words, what's next

Thanks a lot for your comments and feedbacks!
It helped a lot correcting urgent problems. Continue doing this, it's super!
Next updates will be oriented on finishing/adding the next levels.

Stay awesome and... the best in 2020 for you stalkers!


Early Access & news!

Early Access & news!

News 2 comments

Hello stalkers! Today we will talk about the Early Access which is coming in the very immediate future and I will give explanations about why it took...

Month #52 dev. diary - Steam Greenlight, trailer is live and more!

Month #52 dev. diary - Steam Greenlight, trailer is live and more!


Hello stalkers, here is a new journal of my adventures with the Cadaver Party Project. I have exciting stuff to show today: Steam Greenlight and the trailer...

Month #34 dev. diary - big demo update, complete mod nearly ready!

Month #34 dev. diary - big demo update, complete mod nearly ready!

News 4 comments

Hello stalkers! Here are the items in today's news: demo has had a big update, news about the complete mod, beta informations, new screenshots. Thanks...

Month #29 dev. diary - teaser demo released, mini-site updated!

Month #29 dev. diary - teaser demo released, mini-site updated!


Hello again stalkers! Many of you asked for a demo, something to put your claws on... here it is! The download is available and the mini-site has been...

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Forbidden Trip - Early Access (patch 1.1)

Forbidden Trip - Early Access (patch 1.1)


Archive password: check full description. This is the 1.1 "performance" patch for the public Early Access of Forbidden Trip [Cadaver Party Project]. Thanks...

Forbidden Trip - Early Access (base package 1.0)

Forbidden Trip - Early Access (base package 1.0)

Demo 12 comments

Archive password: check full description. This is the first public Early Access of Forbidden Trip [Cadaver Party Project]. It will be patched with smaller...

[iF.] - Teaser Demo (taken down)

[iF.] - Teaser Demo (taken down)

Demo 1 comment

// Taken down. Try the Early Access! // 1.2.1 patch added for demo 1.2 (02MAY2016): Download and install the 1.2.1 patch (02MAY2016) in order to play...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 137)
Yanka Creator

PSA/friendly reminder: if you have a problem with the Early Access or a specific moment/puzzle don't forget to write me a comment/send me a message before leaving a 1/10 review. There is a human on the other side of your monitor, working hard on this project for years. Thanks! :)

Edit: next patch coming in the following weeks!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Sir, I was anticipating this mods release since like 2013, I even played your demo few years ago. Recently I found out you made an early access.
Seriously, I already abandoned Amnesia but when this is the case I will download this and try it, maybe even enjoy it, if my PC will not burn in the process because the demo gave me lags.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Yanka Creator

If you play it maybe select the performance mod, you should be fine. :)
I'm working on the remaining maps, it's mostly scripting plus adding the last brush strokes; progress is very good.
See you!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

All in all, even if it is in early access, this is still a solid and incredible experience :) 9/10. Full review is visible in the review section. Here is my walkthrough:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Yanka Creator

Thanks for your videos and the kind words, it's really appreciated! See ya for the next big updates!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I really wish I could play this, However the game crashes every time in the loading screen when I go to the car. The game crashed like 1 minute in the loading screen. I tried to solve it with the tips in the notepad, however the force thingy was already on true, I also tried it with false as well and it still did not work, so both on false and true it crashes there. I tried it as well with the left high performance door (my FPS were fine during the testing), it still crashes. My resolution is 1280 X 720 I believe. I tried it with the three different .exe files, the normal one, the one with safe and the one with safe-nodrm, this also did not work unfortunately. Help.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

And it's a clean amnesia, I deleted all files uninstalled it and reinstalled it new. The texture quality is on high

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Yanka Creator

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that... do you play on Steam, retail... ?
Did you play from the beginning using 1.1 Patch?
When you crash, have you tried resuming your game with the last save/autosave? Same problem?
I suppose you don't click/use keyboard either during loadings (Amnesia doesn't really like it).
What is your hardware?
Any particular error message?
When you got a crash, upload/send me the log (Documents\Amnesia\Forbidden_Trip\hpl.log), maybe I'll find something helpful. Thanks!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I do it via steam, I have the patch 1.1 and yes I try it via the last save. Nope I do not click or touch the keyboard. Hardware should be ok, I still did it on performance and it crashed as well. i5-3470 quad core at 3.20 GHz with 8GB ram and geforce GT1030. I will send you the log once I try it again.

I did the benchmark and every cutscene went smoothly. First I tried the high detail door and everything went smoothly up until the crash when the protagonist goes in the car. But it happens even in the best performance one.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Yanka Creator

Ok; no error message at all?
Does it just close?

Let's try this:

Go to Documents\Amnesia\Forbidden_Trip\Your_Name\

Remove all .sav files (or put them somewhere else).

Download this save I just made and tested:

Unzip the .sav file in Documents\Amnesia\Forbidden_Trip\Your_Name\

Launch the game, select Load (not Continue) and select this save.

If you get a crash again, please send me the .log, thank you!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

It worked, thank you so much :D I heard the car door closing so I guess that is the end of the car trip. btw, did I miss anything like a cutscene or was that save file literally the other end of the loading screen?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Yanka Creator

Ah, I'm happy for you! Still, I don't understand what happened...

You did not miss anything, as you said this save is just after the loading screen! Have fun, I hope you won't have problems anymore!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I need your help once more, now I have a complete different problem where I cannot open my inventory nor the journal in your save file. I might need your save file + the user_settings and user_keys files with your save file as well :/ I of course need to have my inventory or else I cannot use keys etc XD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Yanka Creator

Strange... I'm looking for a way to help you... (continued in private message)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thank you and I will try it once I have the time. Yes it just closes, but the something went wrong error pop up crashes with it as well XD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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