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Hi Folks Bane here, and boy its been a busy couple of weeks, I've been pulling hard at the reigns of both mods this week as Max our glorious lead developer is on vacation! Come to think of it its probably best as we go into overdrive on various aspects of both mods, and I should note I'm hoping to to some news releases on both mods today around our progress but while I'm here I thought id drop in some thoughts on CTA.

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So CTA 1.2.1 is out first of all and I'm pretty happy with some of the changes we made but not overly happy that we let some bugs still slip through the gap and rightly so you guys have been hot on our heels and given us a little bit of a telling off in regards to missing both a broken diplomacy tree update and how the Borg Unimatrix works.

Well let me tell you we've heard loud and clear about these issues and myself and Ambarenya will be looking at these bugs for 1.2.2

So now I've said 1.2.2 what can we expect from it, well firstly its not just going to be bug fixes, in fact im going to be looking at the entirety of the federation faction in an overhaul. Now i know some will scream at me to leave their beloved "feddies" alone and others will be poking me with a bazillion ideas of how to make them better, stronger, harder, faster. Now lets not get this confused with a mega mega makeover were not going to be adding additional ship models or particle effects, this simply means a tweak to their abilities, stat-lines and usability.

My biggest concern with the feds is their defence platforms, I'm just not feeling like many others like "Senza" on the forums that the feds defences are adding up to much so I'm going to tweak their defensive attributes and scientific abilities.

Ill pre warn though folks that the Romulan's will still be the defacto scientific death dealing sneaky git's whereas the feds will rely on de-buffs that are non lethal but still effective, you can expect that this update will be a while in the making so i apologise for the time it takes to release it, but as I'm also a primary coder on Axanar I have to split my ever dwindling time between work family and 2 mods!

I dont want to leave you guys empty handed right now and as i was logging in to my mail i had two mails that made me very excited and this is real news!

Firstly I've been working after a fantastic suggestion from one of our beta testers SFC3 with the Curse Gamepedia team to arrange for a WIKI site for both games, that's right once its up and running were hoping that you all will help us to fill in the wiki with the greatness of CTA :)

and on that note I'm on the hunt for WIKI moderators and new development team members, so if you can type and would like to be involved in either making CTA and Axanar and have commitment and free time to do so then get in contact with me via moddb mail!

Now onto my second piece of news! The lovely Fangoriously who makes the battlefied refit addon has completed his changes for his add on to 1.2.1 and has asked me to release his latest version so expect the add on links to be updated on that mod, you can see his changelog below for further information!

So that's it for this news update folks as always thanks for supporting us in this mod, its been a pleasure working on it and i hope to continue to do so in the furture!

Change log 1.2.0:

Ship fundamentals

  • Ship price ranges adjusted. Cruisers price ranges were basically fine, but frigates and capital ships prices were outrageous for what you got.
  • Corvettes/frigates: ~120/200 credits, 2-3 upkeep
  • Specialty destroyers: ~400 credits, 4-6 upkeep
  • Cruisers: ~400-650 credits, 7-11 upkeep
  • Capital ships: ~750-1400 credits, 13-18 upkeep
  • Light Titans (scimitar, Polaris, Shockwave, dom dread): 2000 credits, 25 upkeep
  • Heavy Titans (Excalibur, SoK, hutet) 4000 credits, 40 upkeep
  • Removing the armor/weapons type bonuses took away the 50% resistance capital and titan armor had vs almost all weapon types, they are on the same playing field as everything else now, price reflects that accurately.
  • borg frigates compare to other faction's cruisers
  • borg cruisers compare to other faction's capital ships
  • borg smaller capital ships compare to other faction's titans
  • borg cubes are in a league of their own
  • borg titan is lol

Other ship changes

  • Consistency pass done on weapon sprite and their sound effects
  • Consistency pass done on each type of distant torp each faction uses, with visually consistent damage per torp launched
  • consistent range, sound, and travel speed for each type of torp
  • Distinct torps types per faction: Fed- 3, dominion alliance-4, Klingons-2, romulans- 3, borg-2
  • Each faction has a distinct range of mobility stats
  • Each faction has a distinct range of hull armor values
  • Kvek ability buffed/had debuff removed
  • Galor abilities nerfed
  • Galor type4a bonuses adjusted
  • Excelsior refit buff adjusted
  • Akira refit adjusted
  • Romulan raptor changed to planetary siege destroyer
  • Romulan whitewind changed to long range destroyer
  • Most ship descriptions strings adjusted or rewritten
  • Federation cruiser hierarchy changed around, Weakest to strongest cruisers, including wolf ships: constellation, challenger, excelsior, cheyenne, defiant, intrepid, springfield, akira
  • D’deridex weapons upgrade unlocks flipped around
  • Base D’deridex comes stock with what was the refit1 and 2’s extra cannons, upgrade 1 now unlocks fore/aft beam, upgrade 2 now unlocks heavy nacelle mounted cannons
  • Unfortunately, because of this only the refit 2 skin can be used for all 3 d’deridex levels
  • slight fighter overhaul, mainly torps dealing ANTIMODULE damage and antimater build price slashed to single digits
  • set s'ona ships prices to astronomical so the ai wont build tones and tones of them anymore
  • all collony ships and scouts (except borg scout cube) can cap resources
  • Melborn and Niagara are now buildable capital ships
  • Niagara is a combat focused starter capital ship, but it cant cap planets like the perhaps more useful at the start ambassador can
  • Melborn is a high mobility nebula variant, unlocked with nebula class research, and focuses mainly on mobility buffs and offense
  • moved defiant from cruiser to the frigate build screen
  • wolf ship overhaul, no Melborn and Niagara warp in, all others get abilities except freedom class, but it can attack planets
  • fixed Prometheus DescriptionStringID displayed in cap ship yard
  • nebula and ambassador swapped Point Defense skill and Sensor probe skill

Other fundamentals

  • Turret range buffed, damage buffed a bit
  • Capital ship supply research price cut in half each level
  • Each Capital ship supply research grants 2 supply, for Romulans each grants 3 or 4
  • Upkeep penalty per supply increase research cut in half, tops out at about 35%
  • evek has faction specific ship warpin abilities now, dominion can even get s'ona ships from it
  • large class M planets wont cost more then every other planet you will own combined to develop anymore, ffs
  • fed capship labs research made tier 0 and 1, now they are in the position to be a game changing faction unique thing
  • as a result, planetary colonization research starts 1 tier later
  • starbases and outposts build price slashed
  • affordable mid game to build one in every grav well just for the trade profit and culture spread, not to fully upgrade, no need to upgrade all the way
    • Federation ship tech tree totally reordered
    • klingon ship tech tree totally rearranged
    • romulan ship tech tree totally rearranged
    • cardassian ship tech tree totally rearranged
    • dominion ship tech tree totally rearranged
    • borgship tech tree totally rearranged

  • cardi faction buffed-
  • slightly better resource rate upgrades, more linear, better overall, earlier in the tree dil research completion
  • choosing union gives slightly faster ship building. also cheaper, quicker planet development
  • choosing dominion gives faster and cheaper research, and beter capital ship acceleration

.2.1 change log

-fully 1.2.1 compatible

  • fixed bombers so they can attack anything again
  • moved defiant from cruiser to the frigate build screen
  • Each faction now has a distinct range of shield mitigation values
  • made Prometheus a cruiser in anticipation of probert ambassador cap ship introduction for whenever that lost years addon launches
  • Due to the Niagara and Melbourne being buildable capital ships in this addon, every slot in the build menu is currently used. it does not lose MVAM
  • There wont be room in the build menu for any more capital ships, and the the probert ambassador will make it in eventually. Of all the current fed capital ships, the prom is easily the least qualified to be one, so it was chosen for the status downgrade. And ya, pound for pound it wouldn't even be more powerful then the akira anyway.
  • flagships now brought up to date with everything else, they are stat clones of top end capital ships, but with a different mix of abilities
  • from what i saw though, losing the flagship in flagship mode doesn't lose you the match, you just cant replace it
  • combat oberths and novas wont be warping in, in place of actual good ships, you wont be seeing them in this addon
  • no borg ships have modular armor anymore, siege ships wont do x4 times more damage to cubes and titans anymore. borg are less late game lol in this addon though
  • -files converted back to bin, so if this ran slow for anyone before, it should run noticeably faster now.


Here's the link to the addon, in the addon section

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If I take the mask off will you die?

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For you

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hey fang if you lose the flagship in flagship mode your suppose to lose the game

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No he fixed that: Why would an entire civilization fall to its knees at the loss of a single ship. I applaud your bold move Fangoriously. Don't listen to the unwashed masses. Sometimes the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the hoi polloi. :P

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that's not something that can be "fixed" it's hardcored into the game.
2nd its for gameplay, the flagship is the king in chess ;)

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Bane(Dev) Author

Sorry Mango Martox is right on this one, its a game mode which means if the flagship dies the game ends kinda of like protect an objective as such. Im sure though knowing Thomas quite well if he feels the need to fix the flagship game mode he will :)

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i just noticed losing it didn't end the game, like you would think its supposed too, thats all i was saying. maybe i was in dev mode though, and rules like that don't apply, i cant recall. whether flagship mode works correctly or not, playing it at the very least lets you start out with a top end capital ship.

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in Borg Titan LOL you mean on the League of Legends

HUe, bad joke

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Any idea how to kill in hard ki game borg queen / cube as föderation?

Tryed it with 5 sovereign class or mixed army but no chance.

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Development team, is it possible to give the option to disable AI Surrender in a future mod? I'm not a coder so I don't know if you have access to that condition set, but I've seen a bunch of player comments expressing dissatisfaction with the AI's quick "white flag."

Thanks. Not sure if you can do it, but if you could you'd make a lot of us happy.

Peace, marsh970

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