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NEWS UPDATE #4: Completely new UX/UI and visual identity, lightings and rendering improvements / Fresh new gamplay GIFs !

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It's been years now since the 3571 project is on tracks. Each week, I post a 3571 Comics' page online ( only french for now ) and each week, the videogame feels better and better! I wish I polished every aspect of the game before releasing the demo this summer. The game engine is now pretty stable and fast, so I wanted to work harder on pure graphic tuning. Let's see what's better now :

UI and Design

Until now, the whole game graphic identity was really futuristic and dark. But as the project goes on, and after lots of feedback advices, I decided to completely rethink the design of the game. Since this is the videogame of a comic, I finally choosed to create a graphical universe closer to the comic's universe : very white backgrounds, black and white, handmade lines, same fonts... This gives the game more of the particular comics atmosphere and I think this will allow a better continuity in the global multimedia experience.( Yes the comic's translation in enlgish is planned )

I decided not to use the specific game logotype and use the same 3571 logotype for all projects : Comics, game, films, music...

The Main menu is now like a blank comic page that you can fill with adventures and action !

Lights and rendering improvements

The lighting and rendering have improved a lot, allowing some kind of "realism" and enhancing the thrill of in game actions, but without loosing the "PS1-Medium-Low-Poly" simple style of the game. Here you can see how both design and rendering/lighting update change the game atmosphere on the character customization menu :

Before update :

After Update :

Fog, sun and day/night lightings, shadows, color correction, bloom... The game was created for good performance since the beginning, and the models have very low polygon counts : I was able in this update to polish realtime 3D graphics a lot, and now it is pretty satisfying to explore surroundings ! Let's see the new look of the game with fresh new GIFs :

I don't like dragons, but I slash droids really well :

It feels good when sometimes there's no droids around attacking you :

If zombies are not enough, better lighting and textures makes the night scarier :

Thanks for reading! Every comment or suggestion will be useful. Next update : AI and emergent situations ! Get prepared for the year 3571 !


Looks interesting, will you be able to build towns and stuff?

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frappastudio Author

For now, you can mostly craft lots of weapons, armors and items like fishing rod, bandage... You can also build in a very simplificated way a shelter, or a tower, walls, firecamps, beds... So if you cannot really build a town, or a house exactly like you want, you still can build a huge camp base with towers and hundreds of walls ; You can also kill everyone in a town and make it your base, enclosing it with walls and traps.

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looking very good.

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frappastudio Author

Thanks a lot !!!!

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