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November 2012 Ultimate Apocalypse update, please read.

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News - November 10th, 2012

To update all fans or visitors of this mod, I'd like to announce that there may be a release in December, at least the mod team is better than 50% sure. No promises, but we are definitely shooting for a December release, to finally get things done and over with as this mod in the alpha stage has been developed for over two years. It is time to let things go and let the crowd go wild! But in order to do that, there are some things to accomplish!!!


  • Chaos: Almost 100% complete, 70% last month. Little to no bugs are involved in this race, almost all units are ingame, and we have all new icons from Gambit!!! All bug reports were fixed, and the ucs text is 50% complete, little to work on for them.
  • Dark Eldar: Almost 100% complete, untouched yet from last month.
  • Eldar: Almost 100% complete, untouched yet from last month.
  • Imperial Guard: Almost 100% complete, untouched from last month.
  • Necrons: 90% complete, 50% from last month. AI is in perfect conditions and are KICK-ASS. New things were added (I dare not share yet!) and tons of new gameplay features are so cool. There is a little tiny glitch in the ai and one more secret unit only needs to get done.
  • Orks: Almost 100% done, 90% from last month. Fixed the ai glitch involved with the Orks, and kind of removed that one glitch they had with their structure.
  • Sisters: 95% done. Untouched from last month. It is confirmed that all they are lacking are icons.
  • Space Marines: I like to say besides the bug reports needs fixings, 100% done. Untouched from last month.
  • Tau: 60% done, untouched from last month.
  • Tyranids: 80% done!!! 10% from last month. A HUGE revamp was applied to the Tyranids and the Tyranids are now 100% functional in the 0.52b of the Tyranid mod. The extravigant and madness part about them is our ideas are limited by the DOW engine that would've turned out so great, yet the ai tends to be corrupted by our design. In general, the ai is broken, and must be fixed. There MAY be a chance the Tyranids may not have an ai upon the Grand Release unless we get help NOW.
  • Inquisition Daemonhunters: 75% done. Untouched from last month.
  • Chaos Daemons: Separate topic as of right now, they were separated from this mod and now are quickly tapped back in the mod.

So 12 races, yum! Then we got other stuff to accomplish such as...


  • New logo
  • Secret surprise 1
  • Secret surprise 2
  • Secret surprise 3
  • Probable new tech tree chart (optional)
  • Many, many screenies for the Alpha internal and Grand Release
  • Many, many videos
  • Handi Apocalypse mod strategy booklet I'd like to create.
  • Some other stuff.

CAMPAIGN: 50% done!
OTHER SECRET THINGS: 92% done! 90% last month
NEW MAPS: 66% done! 100% last month, but we decided to add more maps.
GRAND RELEASE READY: Average percentages... 75.5%, 70% last month.


In other news, sadly, I would announce on the other hand that the top secret project we were working on in order to be completed in the Grand Release will not be completed as we are running out of time. This new secret project is a well developed hit that will get most everyone's attention, but it is definite that we will not have time to finish it, that is because we have lack of help with skirmish items being cured. More of this new project will be discussed in detail before the Grand Release.

The team right now are really focused on bringing skirmish at least, our most concentrated goal to at least 95% ready for the Grand Release. I want our Bonus Features 100% finished and campaign at least 60-70% done for the nice future patches. I want all units, structures, bad crap cured, and all miscallaneous items done completely by 98-100%. If we do our dos and push forward to AT LEAST accomplishing this much, the Grand Release will be pretty flawless AS IS!!! We are talking 85% Grand Release ready and that will be my comfort zone for this mod's final finale! You guys out there who are reading this, we will try our very best to achieve this status and not give up. There is little work to be done, little work, and if we miss something, then well a patch will not hurt one bit. The alpha AS IS, is 90% playable, contains most items ready for any public relation, and we accomplished the heart of what we dreamed for in this mod. All of the team was excited for ANY update and as of today the team is still with us and continues to cope to finishing this mod. We are so close, so close.

Team Status:

Lord Doofus (me): Working fast as possible, forced in labor of this mod, over burdened by tasks and especially college, but hanging in there, one month, one month left!
Tyrantarmy6: Awaiting further "orders".
Cosmocrat: Back with us, at least temporarily, has provided/will provide a COMEBACK.
Profman96: Has been absent for over a month.
RT2: Been busy lately, his net broke down and is probably offline for a bit.
Psykotenshi: Is doing an incredible job, does his tasks in a heartbeat and does not ever give up!
Gambit: Does a really fantastic job on this mod and the Daemons mod, does his tasks in a heartbeat and does not ever give up!
Artjomi: Took a break this month and half of last moth, but he will be back. He has come back today to report his status and survived Hurricane Sandy.
IronWarrior: Has real life issues, on break until he gets better.

Lastly and proud to announce:

  • RelicNews Forums has finally gotten 1,000,000 (one million) views!!! I celebrated that whole day with wine. Cheers team!
  • I would REALLY love to thank my new donators, Jon Devaux, and Andrea Smith for their very kind donations. You both will be added to the list of donators, and because of you two, you have inspired me to work for a great deal this week and definitely the next like the rest of the donators in the past. Even though 1.62.65 is the last public patch, your donations WILL NOT be wasted, because I will be doing more patches later on at a faster pace after the Grand Release and before the Grand Release. Any donation will speed up progress by an exponential rate.
  • A new unit will be publically released separately as an add-on to the mod db site and RelicNews to speed up popularity growth and finally provide an update. Donations also convinced me. What new unit will that be? Will it be worth the download? Check and see. ;)

1.62.65 Released!!!

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Gewd stuff.

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Lord_Cylarne Author

Must... comment... on... the word.... "Gewd". Very catchy and I like it. xD

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in complete honesty, i would rather wait for everything to be finished properly before a grand release, don't rush yourselves guys, quality over quantity!

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Lord_Cylarne Author

Yeah, but this mod will not be released until probably August 2013 if our project is demanded for 100% completion. The GR had two delays, one in March, and one in August, I hope there will not be a third. If there is, then we went down trying.

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good things come to those who wait

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Or- have 'expansion pack' on the 'full release' at a later time ;).

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waz up! you know but da boys are waiting for ya! keep going strong! secrets and bonuses woohoo

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It gets released when it gets released, simple's
Any possibility of telling us if the new campaign is longer than standard? or at least more interesting
plus... is this a good time to say I'm pretty sure the Tau piranhas engines are upside down. The wings are fine, the engines... wrong way xD
good luck with getting things done =]

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Need more modellers? I'd love to help with the daemon stuff, but I'm happy to work on anything that needs doing.

Oh,and I can also rig/animate, but I have no idea how to get anything into dawn of war. I use Maya though, dunno if that'd be a problem.

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Lord_Cylarne Author

Why hello. Please forgive the late reply, I don't look here often. I'll have Cosmo contact you personally.

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