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Latest news about weapons and work on the main core of Source SDK 2013.

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Oh yeah, I have resolved, with help of user Lambda_logo, the new weapons integration and also made others great improvement and learning in the Source SDK 2013 core. Now the mod can continue mapping with bigger chance to result a nice playable version.

From the beginning, I did not dwell very much on the outcome of the weapons, because I had not yet found vintage models and similar to the game. But thanks to Lambda_core, I was able to get my hands on the Luger, MP40 and MP44.

But the integration was not so simple, the Luger, which replaces the Pistol, did not have too many problems for them, but the knife had to be reworked and adjusted, since it is above all an import of DoD . The result is very interesting, it is the Paratrooper Gravity which happens to be the knife used.

The MP40 and MP44 (StG 44), which was to replace the SMG1 and AR2 of Half-Life 2, became separate weapons, based on the MP5 model, but with values ​​adjusted to the styles of weapons. Because during the tests, problems arose, including one that prevents the NPC from shooting correctly.

(Combines Super Soldier + AR2 modified for tests)

And here a modified NPC using the MP40 as an added weapon.

(Based on the Combine Soldier + weapon based on the MP5 edited and added according to the desired specs)

The Boss, Hitler, is considered an Elite, which gives him different privileges, the health of Hitler is 5000 (200 for the guards) and this regenerates completely once to 50% (once only) and regains everything are energy if it disrupts the player's focus. (In theory, this increases the level, avoiding the player to hide this too much)

I will still continue to work on the source, but with this confirmation of being able to correctly use weapons modified by NPC, greatly encourages development.

For the rest of the development, the design of the level E1M3 advances slowly, once the choice of the usefulness of each piece, by placing the elements of the design, I could advance with the NPCs and start the level E1M4. The interface design is in the final versions, with a nod to the 1991 version and the new versions.

Wolfenstein 3D: source HUD

Stay tuned, I will get out new information as soon as possible.


Looking good, as old Source modder (who moved on) i will keep track of your mod. Sounds VERY interesting, keep up the great work!


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