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We've teamed up with Headup Games as a Publisher and Clickteam LLC, my engine provider, to bring Outbuddies to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One!

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Hey Guys,

hope you're all well!

Besides to the good news about the possible game ports, we'll need at least one more year to finish the PC version of Outbuddies. Clickteam will start porting the code base in January 2019 and we aim to finish the first console builds by Q3/2019. Then certification and QA processes will follow as well as a release campaign. To sum it up, we now aim for a cross-platform release in Q4 2019 - Q1 2020, but please don't set it in stone. Predicting a release date in game development is just super hard, even assuming that a lot of things will go wrong.

Made a new trailer for Outbuddies for Berlin Games week and Gamescom this year which showcases some of the new platforming mechanics, tilesets, and a snippet of the original soundtrack by OGRE.

Besides working on the boss codes, the platforming and weapon engine went to a final quality overhaul. I also added a second weapon slot, so from now on two gear setups can be directly accessed allowing for some interesting mixups.

TBH I had been worried a lot about those boss fights as the first ones you already find in the early access build had taken WAY too long to make. As I changed my approach to development this year an will work with programmer art only until the code is completely done, I don't have any boss-gifs. Here's a list without too many spoilers tho, what foes are now waiting for you in the depths of Bahlam.


The first miniboss waiting for you in the Lost Ruins. While beating this thing will be a piece of cake in the late game (yes, you'll meet his kind again), he already made some players rage-quit facing him with only a plasma blaster in their hands.

RAZOTH, the Beholder

Sitting at the entrance of The Great Cenote a giant hungry gut waits to slay any intruder and demands sacrifice from the poor enslaved Wozan people of Bahlam.


The name says it all. And he's not happy that you'll have cracked the shells of a couple of his friends until then. Better take some missiles with you cuz this thing is damn durable.


Guarding a sunken Wozan prison you'll have to prove your weapon-mixup skills to pass this challenge.

MOXAN, the Immortal Sheep

A peaceful creature is driven mad and tortured by the hand of Nocturne. Can you free it before it crushes your bones?

VOLCAN, the Fire Goblin

Moving like an arrow on fire this thing will be very difficult to catch. Better choose your setup wisely and play a sophisticated zoning game to hook him.


You will not expect this one going for you^^

BULUC, the Corridium Kaij┼ź

You think Kraid from Metroid was a big guy? I had to make an extra huge cave for this one located deep inside the Corridium Mines.

NOCTURNE, the Black Mage

Watching you since the very beginning of your journey Nocturne is longing to destroy you and stop the conspiracy surrounding your quest. Can you puzzle your way around his antimatter shield in time?

XION, the Fallen God

An ominous shadow is waiting for your in the heart of Bahlam's Sanctum holding a giant Mayan war club in his hands. Outbuddies' final encounter is designed as one epic duel inspired be the game-feel of classic arcade fighting games. Although I know that he is beatable in theory, I did not manage it yet without cheating...

That's it for now! You can also follow Outbuddies' development on my Homepage or follow my Twitter.

A free demo is available here on IndieDB and on A bit outdated, but still gets the job done. Any support and feedback are highly appreciated^^.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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