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Unfortunately, chopping and changing various aspects of the mod and being busy with life has resulted in a long "hiatus"- yes, I know, it sounds a bit like Duke Nukem Forever's development hell. However, I have set up a new site for the mod and am currently getting close to a release.

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The latest sets of screenshots show the stuff that I've been doing on E1M1 and E1M2 and I am currently working on E1M3. In the meantime, it's worth posting a list of the current features of the mod because the 'old' feature set is a bit out of date.


  • Episode 1, with 3 maps, is inspired by Episode 1 of Doom (Knee-Deep in the Dead) and is close to a release. I plan to do a further three episodes, each with 3 maps, each drawing inspiration from Doom 1's episodes. The idea is that Episode 1 will take place in the main prison area, Episode 2 will move on to the shores of the mountain top, Episode 3 will take place at the top of the mountain outside the main headquarters, and then Episode 4 will take place in the headquarters.
  • A wider range of monsters than in vanilla Doom 3, including some old foes from Doom 1 and 2 (e.g. Spider Mastermind and Baron of Hell).
  • Alternate fire modes for most of the weapons. Weapon reloading is instantaneous, with the exceptions of the double barrelled shotgun and BFG.
  • Unlimited stamina and increased player speed.
  • Randomised encounters to add replayability- each time you load up the map, there will be different monsters in different positions, and more monsters occasionally spawn in during gameplay.
  • The PDA is replaced with a map of the area and level stats (kills, items, secrets and time, and a few other details about the map). As in Doom 1, the kills, items and secrets are expressed as percentages.
  • Weather conditions change as you play through the levels.
  • Based off Denton's Enhanced Doom 3 mod version 2.0.2 which features the deadly double-barrelled shotgun and improved visual and sound effects, and enables alternate fire modes to be added to the weapons.

Note: all of these features are already implemented. I am currently working on Map 3 of the first episode and when it's done I plan to release Episode 1 with all three maps, and then move over to Episode 2.

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