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Some new pictures of new objects modeled, and added vegetation and improving the general environment

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My little week of vacation is over, I returned to work this morning starting with its two new assets. A staircase in ruins and a sort of small temple half finished, which will house the first checkpoint of the level.

Crash Bandicoot Return

For the moment, my principal to create an atmosphere close to the original game, but especially the most environmentally detail to make it as lively as possible. The advantage of having levels "corridors" can worry less about the overall optimization. In other words, I can add much more detail than usual and then add a side more realistic and certainly more work.

However, I noticed that the boxes were not present in point. And as he comes to breaking his cases to recover their contents, I wanted to use the physics engine to the maximum. Unfortunately, the models that were the final versions beings are found in the closet. I created a new fund will serve as my base for the other sample. It exists in two versions :

  • The first is entirely destructible. All boards of the body are independent of each other.
  • The second version has only six different parts, as in the original game.

However, after several different tests between physics and FlowGraph, the results were very unimpressive. It is difficult to create a system based on something that does not exist. Simply put :

  • In the original game, just hop on a crate and it explodes or can bounce.
  • In the engine, if I touch the body in any way whatsoever, it destroys all alone.

In other words, I must find a way to make the indestructible box if you do not skip it. Only problem : When I jumped on it does not explode, whereas if I only touch it, it crumbles...

Like what advantage can become a serious problem. The CryEngine 2 offers enormous opportunities to the physical level but I guess it is almost too well made to be operated as I wished. So I thought about the problem and I think the best would be that funds have pre-configured animations.

In this way, the physical n'entrenera no bugs and therefore optimal overall n'empathiera absolutely not. However, if I want to create an animation worthy of the name, (movie with a deformation of the case or settlement) will require that I use the Morpher. But it is exportable to the graphics engine that if I work for a face.

It therefore there 's quite heavy constraints which I still have not found the solution. If one of you an idea, he does not hesitate to send it to me.

New vegetation and new assets New vegetation and new assets New vegetation and new assets New vegetation and new assets New vegetation and new assets New vegetation and new assets


There is a solution to the exploding box problem, make an area shape the same size as the box and then use flow graphs to make the box explode when the player passes through the area.

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Lenox47 Author

Yes, i have tryed to use it. But the problem is the same. If i disable the physic, the player walk to the crate lol.

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However crash doesn't make box exploded by walking into them. Only in Crash Team Racing and couple of rounds in Crash Bash. The only boxes that do explode are Nitros if walking into them. Rest use the spin or slide "attack/weapon".

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This looks pretty cool :D.

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It looks like, the first level is almost comlete :) Great work ;)

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Lovely! Hope you find solution :D

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