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Northern Kingdoms Announcement - new Version - other major changes of management

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Hey everyone,

I have some news to share. As many may already have noticed, it was very quiet around the mod for a longer time now.
Since the last release, I've made some changes and added many troops and factions. Personally I don't think it's worthy of a public release. But times and opinions change.

And now I have something to announce. I noticed it a while ago but didn't want to admit it to myself.
I am very sorry but I cannot actively work on this mod anymore. My life has changed a lot (for the better) within the last year.

I love Total War and I love The Witcher. Neither do you nor I want to see this mod die.
That's why I am making this announcement. I want to encourage you guys to take this throne and start, where I left off.

Within the next Week I will publish my dev-files from this mod
Available for anyone who is passionate and willing to work on this mod.
The Modding Community is so helpful, literally everyone can make their own mod.
If questions arise I'll be willing to help. Also there is a great Modding Section in the Rise Of Mordor Community which helped me a lot.
If you can show me, you really want to work on the mod, you get my Place as Dev.
Oh and: the more, the merrier

When I started Northern Kingdoms, I had literally no prior experience with modding.
Northern Kingdoms was my first and still is my only mod I worked on. 

I am a Software Engineer, but that knowledge helped me only a bit with Editing the Database.
I never heard of TARGA or DDS Texture Files at all.
Never came in touch with 3D-Models and was firstly very overwhelmed with how Texture-Files work.

My first steps wouldn't have been possible without this super helpful playlist:

After a while I stumbled apon this github post:

Then I knew: I want to make a Witcher Mod for Total War.
With the tools and tutorials, aswell as a superb modding community I did it!

Now is still the best time, to learn something new!
If I can make a mod, you can too!

As I said, I'll release my dev-files for you to take on my work.
But if I do not get an response, I'll close the discord and moddb-page some time in december.

Today my last Update of this mod will go live.
It will be a DEV-version. No new balancing and WiP-content possibly everywhere.
It contains new content I worked in the last while, aswell as never released older content.

A while ago I worked on Ofir-Models.

But the they looked weird, so I did not publish it.
I removed the entries in the database but if you want you can re-add them.
The vmd-files and models are still there.
They were supposed kind of mercenaries and to be recruitable by all factions

I worked on the factions Aedirn and Kaedwen.
They are probably not fleshed out perfectly, could already be used in actual battles.

Already existing factions have also gotten an update: e. g. heavy cavalry for Redania.

Here's the ModDB-Link for Northern Kingdoms 0.1.3:
Northern Kingdoms V0.1.3

And lastly, I want to thank all of you!
To have the privilege to make this mod for you guys was such an experience!
I really hope you will continue this mod because I want to see what you all are capable of.

I will not be gone from this Discord.
I'll be available for your questions and help and these things.

Have a good one, lads!

- JaglFK


Thanks for your dedication, the mod itself and this beautiful article, wish you all the best and someone as motivated as you take up the development. <3

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