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We're back online and there are some more pictures in motion from the world of Enderal!

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Hello everyone!

we've finally suceeded in (hoppefully permanently) repairing our website and we're advancing pretty good in the development! So here's a little mood/landscape-teaser to give you a few pictures in motion of the actual game. Enjoy! :)

All the best,


Zenzero - - 94 comments

great trailer, the mod is looking absolutely stunning.

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Schrubber - - 304 comments

Awesome! Keep it up.

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kingofkong - - 336 comments

Great stuff

There's just one thing that bothers me, the colour palette of the leaves on your trees seem a bit off somehow

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Elondir - - 3 comments

Hey Guys, I really loved Nehrim and I can't wait for the sequel. But one think I missed in Nehrim was the lack of "guilds" or any sort of other than main quest factions, so I would like to ask what is your stance on factions in Enderal?

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5thHorseman - - 1,380 comments


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pkyrkos7 - - 560 comments

Great works giys!All of the landscapes shown in the images have a unique feeling unlike Skyrim which was all snow and snow ;)

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Skullurker - - 82 comments

Looks amazing, I hope this mod adds tons of different creatures.

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UnrEaLHaZarD - - 50 comments

Awesome!! is that a griffin in the videos thumbnail?

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Rus[T] - - 1,161 comments

Gimme soundtrack now! Deam nice work.

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SureAI-Latiro Author
SureAI-Latiro - - 43 comments


We'll see to that! Our main priority is the implement the mainquest, which is very complex as it is. We'll definitely add factions, but how much the player can interact/become a part of them is still unclear. That depends on how good we advance. Their also probably won't be the classical "mages, thiefs, and warriors" guilds. It wouldn't fit into our lore. :)


It's a Myrad, a domestic, flying mount of Enderal. :)

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Capt.Host - - 853 comments

Tracking this masterpiece ;)

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Ivanator95 - - 303 comments

Looks great so far!! :D

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GethPlatform - - 16 comments

wow, dat atmosphere

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MinikuiOni - - 49 comments

holy shi.... That looked awesome! Good to hear that you managed to get your site up and running again.. And no rush! We want as polished "game" as possible :)

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Raylon - - 18 comments

As I suspected, absolutely beautiful! Keep up the great work SureAI!

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Guest - - 692,175 comments

aaaaw it looks so awsome!!!!!

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rogervanzant - - 137 comments

I'm so excited! It feels like Nehrim all over again! Watching this video makes me want it now!!

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