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Today I will be introducing the Yeti. In the spirit of Christmas I decided to make a snow biome/monster and this is what I came up with that is fairly easy to implement. Also, I am starting a Patreon! See details below.

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First off, I have been talking about trying to get funding... for now I have come up with Patreon, as it seemed the most fitting at this time. Here is the link:

Even $1 a month helps me pay for art programs, extra assets from the asset store and generally gives the game a better chance to be the best it can be. Either way I plan on creating what I can but the more resources I have the more cool stuff I can put in.

On to introducing the yeti with this short video preview of me running around and committing some yeti on yeti brutality!

A better look at him can be found on Sketchfab:

That is about it for updates at this time. I took a bit of a side track to take a breather from this project to create a small rocket booster game called Nanoship which can be found here for a limited time until I put it on gamejolt:

Other than that I hope you like the Yeti, have some fun with the games and as always I am open to critiques suggestions etc. See you next time!

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