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We have a special update today. Something I never thought we would have in our mod!

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New mod music and sound effects!

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In this update we have something very specail to share with you. We have our first orginal IDF:FFI game music to share! It was created by one of our newest mod team members Jeremy Aikens. So we now have our very own sound designer and audio engineer. Jeremy is a USAF and Army veteran, 17 years working in sound at home. He is a huge fan of IDF for years, and honored to be able to lend a hand in development. Here is a sample of what Jeremy has created for our mod.

Jeremy is created the music tracks from original material and some samples. He is trying to get a big, wide cinematic sound to fit the game. He is also creating some new sound effects for us to use in our mod. The sound effects are almost entirely sourced from real world combat use, as is most of the radio chatter. We are trying to go for as much realism as possible, but it's a very in depth and time consuming process. He has been doing a great job so far. So listen to the sample music tracks he has created so far and let us know what you think!

That's it for this update, stay tuned for more to come!

Fast&FPS - - 2,218 comments

It's nice to listen new music like this.

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Deathblade100 - - 936 comments

Excellent music. Keep it coming!

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Gattobuono - - 664 comments

Great job Jeremy!!! Love the music :-)

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jaikens83 - - 35 comments

Thanks duder! More to come!

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timotimotimo - - 439 comments

Sounds Amazing!

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SgtNickStoltz - - 391 comments

Neat stuff, but having a mod after the IDF would give a great opportunity to take advantage of the music revolution they had after the six day war.
More rock n' stuff from Israel would be cool too.

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Nor1996 - - 4 comments

Nothing new for the "Arab side"?

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jaikens83 - - 35 comments

Hey everyone, this is Jeremy. Really sorry for the long blackout, but life handed me one huge **** punch after another, so I had to take a step back and re-prioritize things for a bit. All good now, though. New house, new state, new life. I'm getting everything back up and I'll be hitting the audio again soon! Account went inactive so I've gotta fix that today. Brad, dude, I'm sorry for the sudden dropout brother! I'm getting back to work on the audio this week. Hopefully our SoundCloud page is still up so I can keep our fans and crew in the loop.


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jaikens83 - - 35 comments

Okay, so I've started roughing out some SFX for tanks, APCs, a general jet interior sound, and I'm mixing a couple new explosions with debris sweeteners. It'll be sent to the devs and be posted up to check out here hopefully in a few days. ****'s still real fluid here, so stick with me, guys.

Also creating a few new music tracks so we can all have some phat jamz to twerk to while the menu attempts to load.

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