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===Subject: Progress on debug=== | 7/4 | 3:30 P.M. EST

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Hey again,

This thing's going to take a while to untangle, sorry to say. I have been making progress, and I'm going to at least keep you updated for the trouble of dragging you into this. Seen here, this was my first and only "successful" attempt at getting this thing to run under cracked credentials.

07 02 2342

Not fantastic. It just jittered around this area for about 15 minutes before it forcefully booted out. Any other file I tried to access resulted in this.

07 03 0126

Probably the worst part is that this won't run on any other machine I own, so right now my priority is just getting this thing to function on modern hardware. It used to lock out on my actual desktop when trying to access it, but I was able to circumvent that a long time ago.

I think the strangest thing is the loading. Sometimes it boots up instantly, other times, I can be sitting for half an hour waiting on the interface to display. Another thing to try to fix.

I hate to reiterate, but your name keeps coming up. I don't want to throw you into this, not at the stage this is in. Just doesn't feel safe in its current state. I'll keep working on it.

In the meantime, here's some old photos to jog your memory a bit.




I'm pretty sure these were just photos checking on structural integrity for this room's components. I thought they were kind of insane for involving WATER in anything we were working on. Least to say, they surprised me when they first rolled out the training sessions. You looked pretty surprised as well after the first test, haha.

Happy 4th,

- Jirard

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