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New Media Update with all the work done since the last Media Update.

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Before I begin this Media Update, I just want to make sure you are all aware that I will not be working on the mod for the next three weeks due to family matters.


Here's a look a some new Models for various replacements (or entirely new weapons and NPCs)

First up we got the replacement for the Headcrab:


These little guys are Parasitic Robots designed by the Walters shortly after their takeover as a means of controlling unruly captives.

Next on the table we have a new variant of Shotgun:


This new Shotgun is capable of both a Pump-Action firing mode as well as a Semi-Auto mode.

Another brand new weapon, The 9mm SMG:


This new SMG fires much faster than the Standard HL1 MP5, but has worse spread as well as a lower Magazine Capacity.

These weapons are not merely reskins either might I add!

Next up, A New Variant of Security Guard, The Heavy Shotgunner:


These guys are not only armed with a Shotgun, but with Heavier armor which allows them to take more of a beating before going down. Those Walters are gonna wish they never messed with him.

Lastly, The Construction Worker:


These Black Mesa employees are capable of assisting you by giving you a suit battery as well as open areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Recent work has been mostly focused on getting models and scripting done, so there hasn't been that much work on maps being done at the moment.

MAP 5:

20220929202805 1

20220929202814 1

20220929202847 1

20220929202905 1

20220929203008 1

20220929203130 1

20220929203404 1

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Genius with the models. Definitely follow and wait

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SweetRamona - - 5,113 comments

This looks good so far! 😺

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