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New demo is up! ^^ Is standalone, adds a new map, new enemies, new mechanics. Check it out! ^^

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This demo adds:
- Partially level 7
- Werewolves
- Mushroom Men
- Fixes for the Soda Cans, the Bazookas, and the Crucifixes
- Fixes for the SpeedShoes, The Floor Hazards
- Tweaked the ChainsawManiac
- Expanded range for the GiantPods and a fix in their projectiles
- Several Co-Op fixes
- New textures and decorations
- A functional HighScores system
- Added the ability for mappers to attach scripts to the survivors to expand map flexibility
- Added to the "Tourists Survivors" the check for a Werewolf transformation
- And more !!!

Check The "Files" section to download it! ^^

(Mirrors in Mega:)

ZAMN TC (x64 windows)

ZAMN TC (x86 windows)

ZDoom thread:

My Patreon:

TheRenegadist - - 2,088 comments

Every new release just makes my jaw drop, if you set up a Patreon I will absolutely donate to you every month because the fact you can't sell your hard work is a damn shame. Also I'm an ******* for not streaming this sooner but I think I'll wait until the next demo so 1-7 is fully finished.

It would be amazing if after the entire thing is done you could contact Lucas Arts and ask for permission to put the game on Steam and GZDoom Devs for the same even if it would be for free because something of this caliber needs to be made mainstream.

As for the new build itself will you plan on making the skull and bones objects inside the castle be 3D or will those remain flat? I assume if they were 3D the player and enemies would walk through them like they're sprites.

What's the deal with the Midnight Shopping level? Is that showing off custom maps being added and does this mean once the project is fully finished people can make their own maps and others can drag and drop them in to play?

Not sure how you pull this off on your own but man am I blown away!

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Dude27th Author
Dude27th - - 399 comments

Hi TheRenegadist! ^^

I do have a Patreon!

Also, about the skull and bones I want to make them voxels as well, collision shouldn't be an issue with them.

And about the "Midnight Shopping" level, yes it is meant to show the cappabilities of ZAMN TC and more custom campaings and levels will be coming as well in the future.

I want to make this project easily moddable so anyone could make their own maps for it ^^, I've added some mechanics as well to make some items more flexible and the ability to launch scripts set in the map , in the event of a survivor pickup or death.

I plan to in some months showcase that latest part by remaking the levels from the alpha, mantaining their interconnected areas but also having a more traditional ZAMN level desing.

And thanks for been supporting the project since the beggining! ^^
It's not an issue if you are waiting for a specific version of the demo.

Probably this year's halloween demo would be good to stream! ^^

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AngeltheSavior - - 116 comments


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Dr_Schnellinger - - 10 comments

Good job, mate!

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