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New Growbot gifs from floor 1 and 2 showing both gameplay and cutscenes

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We've been working the past week to make a new trailer for Growbot. Our original - and so far only - trailer was amde very early in development when the game was only a few rooms, had no original music, and lacked many of the mechanics and puzzle ideas that it now contains. So it seemed wise to update it.

We had a few goals when making the trailer. It needs to briefly introduce the setting of the game, offer the barest hint of the story, and show some of the characters and puzzles you'll tackle along the way. Also it needed to be around a minute long - more a teaser than anything else, since the game is still only around halfway done.

The trailer's not publicly available yet, though it is finished. Our hope is to release it alongside our Steam store page, which should be up soon! In the meantime, here are some GIFs of scenes used in the trailer:

CrystalsLight Spritesezgif com resize 24Crystal SmashLilyCaptain partsezgif com optimize 11flower arrangerWater Pipe MachineCaptain Shield

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