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Hi stalkers! Great news: 1.5 build was sent to testers; it's going public for you soon, in a little less than three weeks. I'm also preparing the Steam release for a little later. Read the article for more details about the release!

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Hi stalkers!

While the new build is being tested, I'm preparing the last few things for the release, first here on Mod DB, then a little later on Steam. 🎃

Old port
⬆ Old port


Finally! 🤩
Last week, the 1.5 content update was sent to testers; it was on the 13th of September.
It has already received a few hotfixes thanks to the very valuable feedback, thanks a lot. 💪
No big problem as I write those lines, just little adjustments.
It means it will be released on Mod DB next month!
Nearly 10 years of development… mamma, mamma!! 😄

The only big thing left to do is not that big: it's just updating the loading screens… maybe one or two UI elements as well, then it's over for those two arcs.


While private playtests are in progress, I uploaded my current developer build on Steam to try and configure various things there.
As you can see, I made my own launcher for Forbidden Trip, especially for this platform.
With that, the game is 100% compatible with gamepads; the Big Picture mode.
I'll see if I can add an option there to easily turn on or off the old-school render. ✅
Oh, yes, I know, you've seen that too, right?

Steam launcher
⬆ Steam launcher


You may have noticed that Workshop button! That is something I want to experiment, this way people could be able to upload and play their custom stories or other mods easily.
I have to set up things first and see if it's easy to implement so: no promises.
I'm just testing possibilities right now.

I'll give a try with implementing achievements as well.
I've already created some and will see if it is easy to setup with Steam API.
Like for the workshop: no promises it will make it to the full game.
I still have lot of doc to read… 😅

Steam achievements
⬆ Testing trophies

Soon, I'll open forums here and on Steam to post a FAQ with basic troubleshooting.
That will be better to obtain quick support and also gather more feedback. 👍

Steam overlay
⬆ Experimenting with Steam


Well, with this complete release, we have:
-two complete arcs,
-one prologue, 13 episodes, different endings,
-nearly 30 playable maps,
-some hours of gameplay & puzzles,
-standard or nightmare mode, 😈
-a story-rich game and original environments,
-a soundtrack partly made with the happy contribution of different artists,
-elements of ARG, secrets,
-more to come

Work-in-progress store page
⬆ Work-in-progress store page

so see you in three weeks for the release of 1.5 build on Mod DB! 🎉
Steam release should be later: Halloween, if everything is fine! 😉
It will stay in Early Access during a few months, in case I need to adjust some more things.

I can't wait to hear what you think about the game.

Take good care stalkers! 🤟


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