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That took more than it was supposed to... Guess it time to close it off.

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20181119 152818

That took more than it was supposed to...

So, at first it seem that most people were really against option 1, after some time it seem there was a tie in the poll of the forum's page (And also in the main thread) between 1 and 2, and now 3 somehow took over, though I don't know how much trustable the poll's votes in the forum are when most people just reply in the article's comments section (the votes in the forum system also required people to have site user before they can vote too)

That poll was mostly supposed to ended long ago and around that time option 2 was seem to be in the majority of the votes,

So I think I'll make exception of this one regardless of the results, since I found some role for the unhelmet model of the Zone troopers (which not was included in the poll but is the exact same model as the cinematic one just with different rifle and without the helmet), and adjust the original Zone trooper's house color,

I think I'll stick to option 2 as well (which seem to had majority votes till not long ago anyway) and just put the other model as easter egg,

I may consider mix them up with normal Zone troopers in the future if people have some change of heart in regard to how it look funny to see them together in the same squad, but for now the original zone troopers will stay as they were.

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