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Unknown Worlds released the source code of Natural Selection and it is now free to download.

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Everybody is now free to download and modify the source code of the mod Natural Selection.

The team just released the source code yesterday here.

"NS was one of the greatest mods of all time – And we can’t wait to see what you are able to do with it", said Hugh Jeremy in his announcement.

TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

Great work Unknown Worlds, respect!

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HeadClot - - 461 comments

Thanks Unknown Worlds!

You have my Respect!

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Peon501 - - 74 comments


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unicron5120 - - 12 comments


What is this

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XenonFORT - - 172 comments

It's funny to see that some mod for the Gldsrc Engine releases their code before than the engine itself... Valve should learn from this.

Thanks, you really gained my appreciation.

Have fun and good luck with NS2 future and your future projects :).

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s2601d - - 84 comments

If for you SDK is the same as a game code they you definetely LOL

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RancidRandy - - 663 comments

Valve released the GoldSrc SDK in 2002, so I'd say they were doing the teaching here.

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Foxtrop - - 1,007 comments

the SDK is half-life source code, it does not include the files to build the executable, and you cant modify all the properties of the game cause many things are out of the SDK of hl, studiomodel is the best example is really outdated and only a few excelent programer had write their own, with the full code would be easy to do awesome things for models

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Hippox79 - - 13 comments

You have my respect, too ! Good move

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Guest - - 695,778 comments

The only thing I lament is it is the code for v 3 only.. everyone knows the best NS ever was v 1.X (imo the 1.02 patch). Although especially 2.0 messed it up a lot and already then v 2 and 3 started losing the a lot of the players... NS2 kinda followed up it seems. (Haven't tried it) although I am sure graphics seem awesome, will buy it next week I think but ye... it was lost on the transition from 1 to 2.

Oh tose goo dol epic battles... HA train, sg (shotgun)/tech rush, siege spam attack, PG rush... and then the aliens, from defence to offence ahhh those days :D

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