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As you should already know if you've read the main page,this is a mod pack,not a mod,I won't take any credits for the models and textures of the custom items,and retexturing of the native items.The only thing that i've done in this mod is change the core module system for things like being able to change banner mid-game.

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So here's the list of people who i sincerely thank,and things that i borrowed from them:

-Thanks to wanderer for his unarmored horse models and textures <3

-Thanks to Pino for some of the armors <3

-Many thanks to the Full Invasion team for the end game armors,helmets and horses <3

-Thanks to Mackie for weapons <3

-Thanks to Maroon for his shield models <3

-Thanks to Adonnays for his weapon models and textures <3

-Thanks to Dejawolf for his helmets <3

-Thanks to STD for his banners <3

-Thanks to Rohzdear for main menu recoloring <3

-Thanks to DOMA_ for his graphical mods compilation <3

-Thanks to Checkmaty for his more metal sound mod <3

-Special thanks to Przemek for testing the mod before release,you can find him in-game as a horse <3

AS OF 1.1

-Thanks to everyone that worked on the Diplomacy mod <3


-Thanks to Kovas for great armors and shields <3

AS OF 1.2

-Much thanks to RunerSS on moddb for making new weapon models and textures,as well as helping with overall mod development <3

AS OF 1.3

-Thank You "The Bowman" on Taleworlds forums for amazing city designs <3

-Thanks to Daedalus for map icons <3

AS OF 1.4

-Special thanks to Brytenwalda team for making Nord armors <3 <3

-Thanks to Narf of Picklestink for his armor pack <3

-Thanks to Gothic Knight for Nordic weapons <3

-Thanks to igorbb for lots of weapon models <3

AS OF 1.5

-Much thanks to modders who created Freelancer mod! <3

-Thanks to PBOD modders team! <3

-Thanks to Njunja for the armors,horses,and camels <3

-Thanks to Bobthehero for Khergit armors <3

AS OF 1.7

-Thanks to thick1988 for Native armors colour variants <3

AS OF 1.8

-Thanks to Brego for his Swadian Royal Bastard Sword <3

-Thansk to Gab-AG for his King Harlaus's Bastard Sword <3

Most of this mod wouldn't be possible without them,so show them some love!

Many thanks to S.T.A.L.K.E.R Dead Air team for the website layout,created by them <3

Here's the link to their modification if You're interested :

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