Native Redux is a M&B Warband modification of the Native module It changes most aspects of the game, from graphics to various gameplay and AI features. The modification evolves from my need to play Native Warband,but better,and the feeling that Floris Evolved changes too much. Native Redux focuses on overhauling most of the game,without making it feel like You're playing something different.

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So here's the list of people who i sincerely thank,and things that i borrowed from them:

-Thanks to wanderer for his unarmored horse models and textures <3

-Thanks to Pino for some of the armors <3

-Many thanks to the Full Invasion team for the end game armors,helmets and horses <3

-Thanks to Mackie for weapons <3

-Thanks to Maroon for his shield models <3

-Thanks to Adonnays for his weapon models and textures <3

-Thanks to Dejawolf for his helmets <3

-Thanks to STD for his banners <3

-Thanks to Rohzdear for main menu recoloring <3

-Thanks to DOMA_ for his graphical mods compilation <3

-Thanks to Checkmaty for his more metal sound mod <3

-Special thanks to Przemek for testing the mod before release,you can find him in-game as a horse <3

AS OF 1.1

-Thanks to everyone that worked on the Diplomacy mod <3


-Thanks to Kovas for great armors and shields <3

AS OF 1.2

-Much thanks to RunerSS on moddb for making new weapon models and textures,as well as helping with overall mod development <3

AS OF 1.3

-Thank You "The Bowman" on Taleworlds forums for amazing city designs <3

-Thanks to Daedalus for map icons <3

AS OF 1.4

-Special thanks to Brytenwalda team for making Nord armors <3 <3

-Thanks to Narf of Picklestink for his armor pack <3

-Thanks to Gothic Knight for Nordic weapons <3

-Thanks to igorbb for lots of weapon models <3

AS OF 1.5

-Much thanks to modders who created Freelancer mod! <3

-Thanks to PBOD modders team! <3

-Thanks to Njunja for the armors,horses,and camels <3

-Thanks to Bobthehero for Khergit armors <3

Most of this mod wouldn't be possible without them,so show them some love!

Many thanks to S.T.A.L.K.E.R Dead Air team for the website layout,created by them <3

Here's the link to their modification if You're interested :

RSS Files
Native Redux 1.7

Native Redux 1.7

Full Version

This is probably the last version that includes something else than bugfixes. Changes to existing worlds might take even up to 100 days to load For changelog...

Native Redux 1.6 Hotfix

Native Redux 1.6 Hotfix


Fixes Rhodok Veteran Spearman not having his shield equipped

Native Redux 1.6

Native Redux 1.6

Full Version 26 comments

!!DISCLAIMER!! Saves from previous versions of the game may not be compatible and crash the game! Native Redux 1.6 includes overhaul of all mercenary...

Native Redux 1.5

Native Redux 1.5

Full Version 12 comments

!!DISCLAIMER!! SAVED GAMES FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS WON'T WORK WITH THIS ONE! Update 1.5 brings to the table added Freelancer and PBOD mods,overhauled Khergits...

Native Redux 1.4

Native Redux 1.4

Full Version 9 comments

!!DISCLAIMER!!Please uninstall the previous version before installing this one,thank You! The saves are 100% compatible with the saves from Native Redux...

Native Redux 1.3 Scabbard Fix

Native Redux 1.3 Scabbard Fix


Requires Native Redux 1.3 to properly work. A file that fixes some of the weapons showing native scabbards,and not their respective ones.This change is...

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Pretty good mod, but for the love of god the foliage is out of control, almost every battle the majority of the cavalry is stuck on the many, many trees and shrubs, even if its a plain on the world map

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Does this mod have custom troops for your own kingdom? If not, I'd consider adding it, it'd be the cherry on top of the cake!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SaskyGames Creator

No it doesn't,and I probably won't add any new things like this to the mod anytime soon,sorry :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

A shame, but the mod is still good. If we're talking about long-term plans could you consider to add new factions, be they minor or large? I know the purpose of this mod is to revamp native without changing its basic theme, but I always felt that the variety of people and campaign parties was quite lacking in native. Wouldn't even need to invent things, you could just use the lore of the game. Just a thought! Have a nice day

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SaskyGames Creator

Thank You,You too :D
Nah,adding new factions is outside my mod's radius if You know what i'm saying,other than 1 neutral mini-faction that is gonna appear in next version,the "Black Desert Mercenary Company"

Reply Good karma+2 votes

- There needs to be some changes to the bandits:
1) Change the horses that the steppe bandits use from heavy horses to light horses.
2) Improve the loot from bandit parties besides looters. At the moment, looters give way more gold than even sea raiders, which ruins the "native" aspect of the game.

- Some troops also need to be changed. Swadian troops are way too powerful. Nordic troops are underpowered- Huscarls get shredded by ranged units. Some troops look terrible and do not fit the theme of their respective factions. Some troops do not have gloves; it should be mandated that middle tier+ troops should have gloves, but some elite units do not have them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
SaskyGames Creator

Much thanks for the feedback :)
The heavy horses weren't meant to be like this,thanks for pointing that out ^_^
2.I wanted to make all bandit parties the same,thats why sea raiders are nerfed,which affected the money you get from their items,i'll look into looters items to see which ones need to have their prices lowered.
3.Yes,huscarls get shredded,thats why you plan out the battle,you let shieldbearers go first and take all the arrows on themselves,create custom troop groups for that.The troops you're talking about are probably Swadians,as they were created first, thats why they would look like that,every other faction was specially tailored so that they're recognizable on the battlefield,that doesn't mean that their style will be the same as Native.The gloves might be true though,I'll have a look into that.
I've been extensively testing playing as different factions ,every faction counters another faction,and gets countered by completely other one,but the counters can be overcame with various tactics.I'd say every faction is more or less balanced in that regard.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Is Diplomacy in here,just Kingdom managment and stuff..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
SaskyGames Creator

Yup,and since last update also freelancer and PBOD

Reply Good karma+4 votes
SaskyGames Creator

Btw be sure to read credits :
"-Thanks to everyone that worked on the Diplomacy mod <3"

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