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The National Videogame Museum WAD (a near 1:1 recreation of the National Videogame Museum located in Frisco, Texas), is now officially released!

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Hey everyone!

The National Videogame Museum WAD is now officially released!
This WAD is a near 1:1 recreation of the National Videogame Museum located in Frisco, Texas!

NVMDoom v1.1

A little back story...

My name is Chris, and I'm co-owner of the video game studio DevHour Games, as well as the tour guide for the National Videogame Museum.

I started working with the museum within a few months of their opening in 2016, and they have become an extremely influential part of my life.

One day, one of the owners, asked if I could recreate the entirety of the museum within the Doom engine for use in one of their exhibits. How could I say no?

After over a year of tinkering in my off time, version 1.0 is finally complete, and available for download!


  • MapMaker: GZDoomBuilder
  • Ports: Tested in GZDoom & ZDoom. Had some issues in Brutal Doom that I'm trying to iron out.
  • IWAD: DOOM 2
    • Note: For those of you who played the Beta version of NVMDoom, please note that the Release version has been converted to Doom 2. A LOT has been changed!
  • Maps/Content: MAP01 + 2 Secret Maps (The secret maps were added per request of the owners of the NVM)
  • Settings: NVMDoom is meant to be played with vanilla settings, but will work fine with Free Look & Jump enabled.
  • Gameplay/Difficulty: Tourism Mode contains No Enemies on MAP 01 so you can enjoy the sights. The other 3 Difficulties are akin to normal Doom 2 difficulties.

Side-by-Side Comparison:


Screenshot Doom 20200730 114837

Screenshot Doom 20200730 114850

Screenshot Doom 20200730 114926

Screenshot Doom 20200730 114910

Screenshot Doom 20200730 115312

Screenshot Doom 20200730 115338

Screenshot Doom 20200730 115420


this looks really good! very nice job!

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Nice work! I can imagine that you are happy to have finished the first version now ^^

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This looks incredible! 😺

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Just amazing !! Really detailled map, nice work !!
Works perfect on Zandronum with DHTP & BrutalDoom ;)

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Wow, this is crazy! Never thought someone would use Doom for something like this, lol. Great job!

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