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A playable demo of Name of The Will is out! This demo has around 10 minutes of gameplay, you may download it on our Steam or page. Share it with your friends and let more people play it! Don't forget to wish list and leave us a comment. This will help us a lot;)

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After a year of the successful Kickstarter campaign, we are delighted to let you know that our game demo is out!

Play, wish list and share our game on Steam and

About Name of The Will

Name of The Will is a dark atmospheric 2D side-scroller set in a surreptitious futuristic world resembling Hong Kong.

One day, you wake up in a smiley headset at Hope, a residential building full of preposterous ordinances and neighbors with utter positivity. Something is weird in here, and you are to disclose the secret behind it. Dodge surreptitious governors and establish a rapport with the neighbors who monitor you. The price of truth might be intimidating. Your friendship, integrity and morality are on the list to sacrifice. On the journey of the truth pursuit, an absurd history begins to unfold itself…

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Atmospheric hand-drawn art and original music

The vividly hand-drawn 2D side-scroller will guide you through the oppressive and eerily harmonious world. Our original cell animations and sounds are mixed with the often unnoticed, yet ubiquitous elements in Hong Kong, with a romantic and futuristic appeal. Get ready to immerse yourself in Name of The Will!

Stealthy detective

As you wander around Hope, the Benevolent Father may surprise you out of nowhere. Your fitful memories will gradually help you acquire skills to maneuver around them and steal things from their pocket. Warning: you are putting yourself at risk of a fatal penalty when caught.

A puzzling narrative

Numerous challenging puzzles are awaiting you in this cheerful denial world. You don’t want to miss any trivial clue you obtain from venturing out at Hope and talking to your neighbors. The more information you accumulate about your past, the darker and more brutal world it will turn into.

Fates on your hand

Every neighbor has their unique personality and story. Befriend them (or not) through conversations, and they may help you (or trap you) down the road. As you make your way to one of the four endings, countless dilemmas and tough decisions present themselves through your journey. What appears to be a simple choice can lead to irreversible changes to your neighbors’ and your fate.

A Glimpse of the Game Demo

Besides examining the game control system and the interface in this Game Demo, more importantly, we are to deliver a theme — Choice. We will lead you to "Hope," a place where your behavior and mind get manipulated. Wander around, feel the vibe there and come across the quotient problems. How would you deal with the "choices" that "Hope" gives you? What really counts is your reason of choice behind. But of course, no one else will know it.

This Game Demo is going to be the appetizer for Name of The Will. A queue of mysteries along the story is waiting for you! Oh, there are some Easter eggs to discover too ;)

Your Feedback Wanted!

Your feedback is the key to our development. Feel free to reach us via, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

As beginners in game dev, we kept learning and exploring from scratch. We will make your comments count, and never stop improving. Please continue to show your support and stay tuned with our updates on Name of The Will production!

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