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We're glad to announce the completion of World in Conflict MW Mod 5.1! The much waited update further improves the game to make it much more enjoyable for all.

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Modern Warfare Mod Version 5.1

Build 8253 (code-named Starlord)

Highlights of new features in 5.1:

  • Addition of Infantry Mortar Team for light fire support.
  • 2S7 Pion heavy artillery (REDFOR) now uses FLINT projectile system.
  • Return of the P-800 Oniks (Yakhont/Brahmos) (used to be in legacy MW Mod 2.0 Beta) to game as REDFOR's Supersonic Cruise Missile Launcher, this time using FLINT missile system to model the missile in its full glory!
  • First release of the IAMD Battle Command System (IBCS) in game for BLUEFOR's missile defense network interlinking sensors, shooters and C2 units. Written in Python, the IBCS Command & Control (C2) runs its own virtual machine inside WiC, providing basic routines for interpreter and dispatcher.
  • Addition of Indirect Fire Protection Capability (IFPC) Multi-Mission Launcher (MML) as a new Medium SAM unit for BLUEFOR side, using the IBCS C2 network.
  • New model for S-400 launchers.
  • Various updates and improvements to gameplay.

NOTE: This mod requires your World in Conflict to be patched to the latest version ( / Update 11). or it will not work. If you purchased WiC via online distribution (i.e. Steam), your game should already be updated to the latest version. Otherwise, download the latest patches here:


Choose which type of install you would like to do. Please note that the installer is only compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10. Not Windows XP.

Download Installer from ModDB:

Download Installer from WiC MW Mod Mirror:

This is a full version of the mod. Even if you don't have the mod at all this will install it as the current version. If you do have a previous version, it will update you to the current version.


New map pack has been released since Mod version 5.0. Please update your map pack by using the installer download link below. Simply run the installer, it'll overwrite the old files and update you to the latest version.

System Requirements

Due to the increasing complexity in the simulation of missiles, aircraft, artillery, and more- Modern Warfare Mod requires a higher-end system than specified on the original World in Conflict system requirements.

At minimum, your system (including video card) must maintain 30 frames per second or higher, and 40fps or higher is recommended for a good gameplay experience. Below 30 fps, numerous homing projectiles may miss their targets or fail to perform altogether. Try lowering your graphics settings if you cannot achieve enough frame rate.

Multiplayer is NOT required to enjoy the mod. If you'd like to play solo (setup skirmish matches with bots), simply click "PLAY SOLO" under "SETUP GAME" menu option. If however, you'd like to play multiplayer online (with a friend etc), please see below.

Important Update Regarding Multiplayer:

Ubisoft Massive has shutdown the Massgate multiplayer system in December 2015 -- this means that people could only play the mod through LAN or skirmish matches against bots.

Since then, tenerifs, Nukem and HouseBee have been working hard to resurrect the Massgate system back into service using community-made patch to World in Conflict. Visit to download the new community-made patch to World in Conflict -- you can now play multiplayer using the Massgate system again.

MW Mod has been fully tested for compatibility with, through cooperation with developers. You can host your game session and invite friends through the system! The only minor caveat is, clients may receive "maps not installed" warning message even if they have the proper maps -- this is a known bug and can be safely ignored if you have all of the proper maps.

For details on how to host a game with your friends or other MW Mod players, please see: Understanding Multiplayer for WiC MW Mod.

Lastly, dedicated servers (wic_ds) for Modern Warfare Mod are now technically feasible (thanks to Nukem). More information is at

To find other MW Mod players, please join our Steam group !

Firstly, here are some lists that may be useful:

Complete development change log follows.

Change Log 5.1 Build 8253 (codename: Starlord)

Last updated October 1, 2018

  • (anhCheats): Updated anhViewer GUI tool for MW Mod users
  • (UI): Updated contributors under CREDITS section

  • (BLUEFOR) M142 HIMARS: unit has been moved over to Support role panel. Infantry role can still purchase this unit; simply select Support panel (out-of-role) and you can still buy the unit at the same discounted rate as before.

  • Infantry Fire Team: reduced out-of-role price
  • (REDFOR) S1 Gvozdika: unit removed
  • (BLUEFOR) M113 mortar carrier: unit removed

  • (all factions) **New Unit!** Mortar Team
    • infantry mortar crew to provide light mortar barrage fire
    • offensive ability: "Fire at will" will automatically engage any enemy infantry in range
    • Mortar fire can be engaged by C-RAM assets
    • **Maximum limit of 3 units per player
    • **Note: animation for mortar is not provided -- currently using AT-4/RPG soldier as stand-in model

  • (BLUEFOR) Transport Aircraft (MV-22B): reduced price
  • (BLUEFOR) AH-64E Apache with SALH guided missiles & AH-1 Cobra: reduced price to 1501

  • (REDFOR) 2S7M Malka (Pion) - Mobile Howitzer
    • Now uses FLINT; rate of fire 2.5 rnds/min
    • Variable muzzle velocity - script chooses amount of propellant charge depending on distance required. Maximum muzzle velocity is around ~2.5 Mach
    • Artillery fire can be engaged by C-RAM and Iron Dome
    • Reduced price to 650 reinforcement points
    • **Maximum limit of 4 units per player. Any units in excess of 3 will refuse to function, until your unit count is down to 4 or less.

  • (REDFOR) Tor M1: updated launch / command guidance acquisition timing
  • (REDFOR) Pantsir S1: will now engage MLRS rockets and low flying cruise missiles with 57E6 SAM

  • (BLUEFOR) FGM-148 Javelin infantry ATGM:
    • maximum range of fire increased to 2.5 km scaled (from 2km)
    • top-attack maneuver: use last known inertial state when seeker loses lock while pitching up
    • fixed a bug where sometimes ATGM soldier gets unlimited ammo
    • ammo is 4 missiles per fire team before reload
    • minimum safe arming distance: warhead won't arm until 1 second after launch
  • (REDFOR) 9M119M Refleks ATGM: fixed a bug where missile fired from player-owned T-80UM did not return score
  • (BLUEFOR) Stryker TOW: reduced price to 601 (from 650).
  • (BLUEFOR) NLOS Missile Launcher: TA price reduced to 12 TA for Inf+Support, 15 TA for Armor+Air

  • (FLINT) AIM-120C-7:
    • new algorithms for mid-course guidance and loft shot
    • missile will now lock-on before launch up to 6.5km away from target
  • (FLINT) EXFLINT version 5.1.1:
    • missile orientation rendering is indexed to refresh rate
    • Command to Line of Sight (CLOS) guidance: improved handling of low LOS rate situation (target coming directly at you)
    • IR/EO Homing Seekers: improved IR countermeasure effectiveness against IR homing seekers
    • improved DPICM/sub-munitions area of effect
    • updated boost flight profile
    • reduced TA price to 22
  • (JTDS) Combat Air Patrol (CAP) flights:
    • BLUEFOR air-to-air engagement datalink: Forward F-22 (or F-18) detecting enemy targets will now uplink track to all other F-22s via data link -- maximize BVR shots with AIM-120.
    • fighter aircraft radars will now ignore (filter out) helicopters flying at very low altitudes at distances greater than 4.5km scaled (450wm)
  • JTDS: fixed a friendly-fire bug where AI player lases own team's infantry occupying a building
  • JTDS: improved AI's use of infrared countermeasures against IR guided missiles

  • (art team):
    • new heavy SAM detonation fx
    • cruise missiles & JDAM hiteffect: generate post effects, ground craters
    • new animation render for following ATGM: 9M114, 9M119M, 9M120, 9M133
  • (Maps) do_Studio: Fixed crash on loading.
  • (Maps) do_Seaside: reverted deploy area masks (spawn zones) back to vanilla
  • (Script Events) Shortened length and lowered volume on RED->BLUE missile raid siren

  • (REDFOR) Kornet-E, Refleks, Konkurs ATGMs: units in vicinity will engage different targets instead of all firing at the same target
  • (REDFOR) BM-21: improved targeting algorithm
  • (REDFOR) OPFOR Shahab-3 and DPRK Hwasong7 MRBM launchers: exploding launcher will now destroy or damage enemy units within vicinity.

  • (PredictorFCS): Fixed quadratic equation for leading target: Time to Intercept = (-b - √(b² - 4ac))/(2a)

  • (REDFOR) **New Unit!!** Supersonic Cruise Missile Launcher
    • Available in the tactical aid menu: Airdrops a K-300P Bastion transport erector launcher (TEL) with P-800 Yakhont/Oniks supersonic cruise missile.
    • Missile reaches up to Mach 2.5 at high altitude, Mach 2.1 at low altitude
    • Extremely fast -- arrives anywhere on the map within 38 seconds or less.
  • (REDFOR) S-400 SAM:
    • (art team) new S-400 TEL model
    • (mfc team) 48N6: new algo for trajectory optimizations
    • FCR: increased output power for SARH illumination
    • self.EquipRegister(), self.ExceptionRadar: fixed race condition causing IADS to deadlock
    • NCTR_Track_Initiate(): 91N6 radar continues target interrogation and TACAIR evaluation even when 30N6 FU radars are not tracking the target

  • (BLUEFOR) **New Unit!!** Medium SAM - Indirect Fire Protection Capability (IFPC) Inc 2-I
    • Multi Mission Launcher (MML) available as "Medium SAM" unit. All roles may purchase -- unit is listed under Armor role's reinforcement panel.
    • **Note: Must switch "on" the unit by enabling Defensive Ability; otherwise, unit won't function.
    • Unit joins IAMD Battle Comamnd System (IBCS) network and receives aircraft (AIR), rocket-artillery-mortar (RAM), precision guided munition (PGM) and cruise missile (CM) tracks from Heavy SAM radars in game.
    • Radar from support player's Heavy SAM unit must be present in game for the unit to operate. If you do not have any players in game, add a Support AI (bot) player -- AI support bots will provide radars.
    • Launches AIM-9X for air defense, Tamir (Iron Dome) for C-RAM
      • Loadout: 10x AIM-9X and 5x Tamir missiles (Iron Dome)
    • IBCS provides track prioritization and engagement deconfliction between IFPC and Patriot launchers sitting on the net.
    • Unit can be air transported by Mobile FARP Helicopter.

  • (BLUEFOR) Integrated Air & Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS) 9.0:
    • Phasing out Patriot IADS: Now replaced by IAMD Battle Command System (IBCS) going forward, starting with this version:
      • First complete implementation of simulating the Army IAMD network ( in World in Conflict
      • Adds support for IFPC Inc 2-I MML SAM -- integration with frontline SHORAD firing AIM-9X
      • Existing Patriot systems (launchers and radars) connect to IBCS as nodes
      • Lot of work on command & control (C2) - Python virtual machine running inside WiC to simulate IBCS (see Adjunct Processor notes below)
    • Adjunct Processor (AP): Python virtual machine interpreter in WiC for IBCS command & control:
      • Minimum boot image (MBI), aka 'system bootstrap' triggered by game during ShooterBase.Aim()
      • init program added and separated to its own namespace: first to run during boot
      • Former legacy Patriot Weapons Control Computer (WCC) code is being removed and replaced by the following infrastructure:
        1. ibcs_kernel.ap_init_vm, _isr: class for preemptive scheduling of IBCS routines and IFCnet hosted applications. simulates concept of interrupts and context switching between running processes
        2. ibcs_kernel.instruction_pointer, run(): program counter for stack machine operations
        3. ap_init._init(): first process during system startup - has unrestricted access to EX3D game at 120 Hz refresh rate and runs sysadmin_vm. Halting init causes adjunct processor and the entire base class (whole virtual machine) to reset (calls _panic() )
        4. sysadmin_vm: basic input/output after ap_init, interacts with exflint and all other classes. all player inputs from game go to sysadmin I/O
        5. root_lxc: IBCS root container; call everything from global context
        6. root_lxc: MC_Exceptions_Filter(): unfiltered exceptions will kill ap_init to prevent game issues, invoking _panic() for system reset
        7. root_lxc.ap_vm: adjunct processor (AP) control-planes by connected wicg.Player objects (engagement operation centers (EOCs) / C2 nodes)
        8. root_lxc.ap_vm->_rdpd, _ecpd: radar data processor (rdp) and engagement control processor (ecp) for IBCS sector scanners and tracking radars
        9. root_lxc.ifcn->_lseq: IFCnet launch sequencer (lseq) for Patriot and THAAD launchers
        10. ifcn_vm.ifcn->_lseq, _rdpd: IFCN relays (IFPC MML, foreign units, etc -- anything not Patriot or THAAD -- "I sense, you shoot" hand-off)
        11. _lxc.[50-100]_vm: future use - IFCnet hosted applications, deploys from root_lxc (e.g. eoc_lxc_u for track monitor, jfsn_cfire for counterfire radars)
        12. ifcn_vm.stm: Specific transmission module (STM) - unified messaging protocol for interworking with other ShooterBase modules (e.g. JFSN fire support channel) encodes X/Z coordinates into float32 and transmits by altering wicg.Unit.UnitExperience value; Modulation scheme for determining request time and request expiry
    • Beta: Console message streaming (runs in ap_init at 120 fps) for native print directly onto client game screen
      • bypasses network chat messages, however wicg.Player.ChatMessage is still used for non master AP node owners (other connected players with further Patriot FUs)
      • **Note: console msg streaming is an ongoing work in progress -- may not work very well on online multiplayer
    • One player's radar is now elected as master AP node to function as the primary command & control (C2) node (called the "EOC Gateway") for the entire team's air defense network. Only this unit will make all of the engagement decisions -- all other radar nodes will only provide sensor input (search and track states) but no longer make engagement/C2 decisions. If the elected AP radar node is killed or turned off (placed into hold-fire), radar & engagement status namespaces are transparently copied over to the next available running radar, via stateful switchover (SSO).

    • Engagement Control Processor (ECP loop):
      • Updated mid-course guidance and tracking algorithm for CM (cruise missile) targets
      • ECP moving to unified IBCS guidance uplink & downlink messages when generating mid-course updates for outbound missiles:
      • Common guidance messages for compatibility between Iron Dome, THAAD (future), Patriot and AIM-9X.
    • Radar Data Processor (RDP):
      • "Search While Track" (SWT) replacing Track-While-Scan (TWS) loop -- In previous versions, radars continuously ran search loop (SectorScan), and during each search iteration, every target track in detection bin is updated, thus doing "tracking during searching" or "track-while-scan (TWS)". This method has been deprecated and is now replaced by Search While Track (SWT): new tracking loop provides continuous polling of all tracks in the SWT bin in its own dedicated function, while remaining xmit/rcvs run SectorScan separately. No longer relies on radar search / sweep patterns to update tracks.

      • ARM (anti-radiation missile) target recognition improved. Player will now hear alarm only when the AI *really* thinks the player-owned radar is under attack.
      • PAC-3 may be used when engaging fast moving CM/PGM/ARM targets
      • Added support for tracking mortar shells

      • NCTR_TrackInitiate(): improved non-cooperative target (NCT) recognition
      • ap_init.rdpd(), rdpd.wcc->AddTarget(): mc_list_track no longer used to create tracks, now using wicg.Units instead
      • ecl.__id__: radar track numbering now uses
      • ecl.__id__, __iter__: fixed game memory leak caused by radar tracks
      • ecl.__delitem__,__getitem__: improved memory footprint and recycling in instance
    • Launch Sequencer (LSEQ):
      • now tries to pick the launch station (LS) with best possible kinematics against CM and ARM targets
      • mc_ls_reload_time: fixed "reload 0.1 second" display bug
      • LSEQ now uses common methods for both Patriot and non-Patriot missiles. Non-Patriot missiles are controlled from IFCN Relay (ifcn_vm) namespace.
    • NATO Fire Control Radar - RDP Monitor Client:
      • When using the NATO Fire Control Radar (MEADS) unit, radar data processor (RDP) track monitor client application is launched. The track monitor will print the top 6 tracks to the console owner and tabulate them as follows:
        • TRK: track number
        • MA: missiles away - # of missiles enroute to target track
        • SWT: search-while-track (SWT) update transmission -- time since track was updated by track beam. If missiles are away, this also indicates time since last uplink/downlink messages are exchanged with the missile (mid-course update)
        • TGO: time to go -- estimated time to go (in seconds) until intercept. If an active seeker missile has gone terminal and acquired the target on its own, "AC" is displayed to indicate target acquisition.
        • TLL: time to last launch - estimated time left (in seconds) to fire interceptors before the target breaches protected asset. When TLL goes negative, the target will have breached the protected zone by the time interceptors arrive.
        • THRT: threat classification -- classifies track as follows:
          1. UNK: unknown aircraft / radar is analyzing and will determine whether the target is threatening
          2. AIR: aircraft deemed hostile
          3. NCT: non-cooperative target (unable to IFF -- aircraft not cooperating)
          4. CM: cruise missile
          5. PGM: precision guided munition
          6. ARM: anti-radiation missile
          7. RAM: rocket-artillery-mortar
          8. SRBM: short range ballistic missile
          9. MRBM: medium range ballistic missile
          10. IRBM: intermediate range ballistic missile
        • To the right of THRT column:
          • if the target track is directly threatening an IBCS C2 or sensor node (e.g. radar), "SDT" will be displayed to indicate Self-Defense Threat. SDT marked tracks will receive high-priority treatment during engagement.
          • When an outbound missile requests illumination waveform, "SARH" will be displayed to indicate that track is being illuminated for Semi-Active Radar Homing.

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Yeeee, SACLOS fix!

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Russian infantry still looks like they from early 200x?

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osterizer8 - - 152 comments

Really nice update as always, I'm loving the additions! The mortar teams are especially fun to mess around with. You guys are awesome!

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elsoto36 - - 92 comments

Any hope for a campaign update? I'd love to see these units or even the older 80's units updated in game.

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Spicebomb - - 120 comments

Nice update. Just need to play more, it's a steep learning curve as support. More is not necessarily better than less. 👍

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