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A November 2022 Dev Diary for Mossflower: TW. Writing team. Mapping. Units. Branching out.

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Hello! This is FEB! From this point forward, I'll be updating you all on development in these monthly posts. There has been a lot of new stuff done since I first created this ModDB page, so a short rundown of changes made seems to be in order.

  1. I have decided to switch to a different structure of the mod itself. Now, every release will contain a self-contained campaign based on a book and encompassing a region of the Redwall world. A "Mortal Empires" type campaign will be updated with each release to include the newly added factions in a lore-breaking free-for-all fight similar to a classic M2TW campaign.
  2. I have completely reworked the map to accommodate our new paradigm. It will be smaller, but contain more details and be generally more polished. I have people who know the lore like the back of their hand helping me naming and designing unique regions.
  3. The team grew, and we have a dedicated writing wing now! We may be busy people, but working together like that ought to help accomplishing our goals in a reasonable amount of time.

This month I mostly worked on the map and tried my luck with some aspects of modding I never tried before - namely, UI and unit sprites!

- Made an update post on Reddit. It did reasonably well.

- Created banners for melee, spear and missile Cluny units. Thanks Artyeest for a Cluny helmet pic!

- Created sprites for many units as a proof of concept. They no longer turn into English Knights on a distance.

- Worked on a storyline for the first Cluny vs Redwall campaign with the newly formed writing team. Thank you, writing team!

- Mapping: decided on a new set of regions that will fill the Eastern Mossflower. Added Lily Fields (hedgehog towns & Kotir ruined watchtower), expanded the forest a little. Cleaned up mountains and hills. Added a high fir model from TES: Total War with the mod team permission. More to come.

- Tried UI editing - added a few cards for events (End of Turn, Battle start)

- Updated the main menu with another wonderful photo by M. Anaert - this time winter-themed!

- Added a bunch of tracks to fit the battles. Mental note: adjust volume so it's consistent between all tracks and sound effects (I'm coming for you, building demolition)

Plans for December:

- Finish the map;

- Expand rosters for Redwall and Cluny, mainly by adding species other then mice and rats;

- Finish the main outline of scripted events for the campaign;

- Decide on adding minor factions, such as Long Patrol Expedition, Warlords, Gingivere, etc.

CHeck us out at the mod's Discord server:
See y'all around Christmas!

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Amazing, keep up the great work

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Thank you!

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This is so cool

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