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Desura now supports more modifications for Mount & Blade.

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If you already own Mount&Blade you should be able to begin downloading and installing these mods right away, if not you can purchase it now on Desura and get the game plus these 10 great mods.


1257 AD Middle Europe

1257 AD Middle Europe is a mod based on Central Europe in the high middle ages. It's a historical mod, trying to reflect the situation of Central Europe in 1257 as accurately as possible. It started out as a sub-mod for Frederic Anklin's '1257 Edition', but with the new development team, it's now released as a fully independent mod, with many new features.

new equipment Some ingame pictures!
Armor for next version Work in progress

Gangs of Glasgow

Gangs of Glasgow is a continuing series of mods for Mount and Blade, which transplant the game to the modern-day city of Glasgow, Scotland, where medieval massed melee combat is still widely practised. The mods are mostly comedic in nature, but deal with serious real-life social issues such as knife-crime, drug abuse, and sectarianism, usually in a ridiculous and/or offensive way. These mods are recommended for Adults Only due to some of the content and language used.

Rise of Khergits II

Khergits were thinking that peace and prosperity came to their lands at last. They already had proven their bravery and valour in many great battles with merciless Black Knights, who had came from Western lands of Calradia. When the war was finally over and the dark clouds upon the Khergit lands were about to dissolve...

...when setting foot on Calradian steppes where had been irrigated with the blood of Khergit warriors and Black Knights, Swadian King Harlaus said: "Sanjar Khan, you shall pay for the bloods of many great warriors that you shed upon these fields and when you are handing over your loathsome, filthy soul to the God... spectres of thousands of Black Knights shall be with you!"

The tension between King Harlaus and Sanjar Khan finally came to an end with Swadian raids to Khergit villages and Khergit castles captured by Harlaus' commanders. Then, it was nothing but great marching Swadian armies' terrible roars that flew up to the skies and began to shake Calradian lands wildly.

thief market

Sword of Damocles

Sword of Damocles is most complex and advanced kingdom management mod. It does not simply add player's kingdom and lords under his command but it also tries to simulate kingdom management by adding population to fiefs, health, ability to create laws, reworking economy and adding new buildings. It also allows you to choose your faith which heavily influence your kingdom, allow you to build religious structures and eventually if you spread your faith ardently enough to upgrade your elite troops to unmatched holy warriors. You will also have to develop two new kingdom management skills, Administration and Intrigues to efficiently rule your kingdom.

Kingdom Management Kingdom Management
Kingdom Management Kingdom Management


Based on Warhammer, a fantasy modification for Mount & Blade.

Dragon prince Dragon prince
Slayer Ironbreaker

Europe 1200

Europe 1200 is a historically accurate mod that, as the name says, takes place in Europe, year 1200 AD. More than 20 factions wage war against each other in order to achieve domination and power. Join them or establish your own kingdom, and become king of all Europe.

War for Calradia Conquest

Convince and hire lords to join your kingdom, assign fiefs to your lords, recruit experienced troops, declare war to other factions... rule or join a faction - the choice is yours.

War for Calradia Conquest War for Calradia Conquest
War for Calradia Conquest War for Calradia Conquest

Bandits rule Calradia

Welcome, adventurer, to the lands of the old Empire. Once Calradia was a great empire, with good roads and low taxes, the Emperor and the peasants were friends, and land prospered. But those times are now legends and the empire is broken into many factions. Each faction has a leader, who claims the throne of Calradia, fighting other leaders to grow larger. Taking advantage of that conflicts, bandits and looters have taken control of the situation and now, only the gods may have power to restore Calradia to it's former glory. As you are a god, all factions would want you to clean Calradia of the outlaws, but you can choose your own way.

Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot

Chaos War

The land is under total chaos. The barbarians are razing havoc in the south, the Fenin Kingdom is fighting the Holy Council with a spear of hatred and vengeance. The Northern Kingdom is fighting for conquest and domination and the Holy Council has become stronger and ever and they are prepared for any challenge. In the east, a mysterious dark army called the Dark Legion is approaching and they plan to fill the land with darkness. You must make a choice... a choice that will decide the fate of the land.

Chaos War Mod Chaos War mod
Chaos War mod Chaos War mod

* * *

All of above mods are now on Desura, along with already supported Star Wars Conquest.

deadrawkstar - - 396 comments

I have yet to even play any of these... looks cool though!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Opinionator - - 1,099 comments

All very good Starwars my favourite, but I could never get warsword to work properly, and it made my brain melt trying to understand how to make it work, so I gave up shame.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Dreadacide - - 2,600 comments

SWC FTW!... my fave of these mods is Sword of Damocles... is bloody good :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Opinionator - - 1,099 comments

Sword of Damocles is alright if you like micro managing your kingdom. I got M&B thinking it was 3rd person Total War and so I am just in it for the battles.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Executor-64- - - 1,288 comments

warsword is so good it's rediculous :D
u just need to replace a certan file in the location u installed mount&blade with the new file u get in instalation... it's all in the instructions (and DONT delete the file just REPLACE it or the only mod u'll ever play will be warsword :P)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Opinionator - - 1,099 comments

Yup can kill yoda type goblins now.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
FatherTime87 - - 28 comments

I favs are SWC and SoD dont ask me to choose their both my favorites...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Juffe - - 393 comments

Star wars mod is still the best one.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Admiral-165 - - 2,217 comments

This is one of my favourite games, unfortunately i've been neglecting to buy the newest expansion :( I'll need to do that sometime, although with Skyrim coming out i might not play it for awhile...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Sionfel - - 1,553 comments

You guys used Gangs of Glasgow? That mod is hilarious!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
FamousSpear - - 503 comments

to be honest I wasn't a fan of fire and sword the expansion. and with the amount of high quality mods you can get for free I say it isn't really worth shelling out the cash for the official new game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Admiral-165 - - 2,217 comments

That's exactly why i haven't bought it... I can play the mod "The Eagle and the Radiant Cross" for Warband and it would be like playing the fire and sword... if not perhaps better? I mean they've added so much more intricacies for managing your empire as well as more weapons, such as rifles, and such that there really is no point in getting the new expansion. The only reason i will get the new expansion is just because i love the company for making an original and highly moddable game. They are indie after all... it's important to support them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
RoboTyphoon - - 660 comments

Mann some of the gear looks mad nice, wish they included armor that good looking in the original.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
fiddlefaddle - - 1 comments

War for Calradia Conquest,
this mod is really good.
if you do not want to spend 30$ on M&B Warband get that!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
TheThirdAge - - 78 comments

war for calradia conquest is too easy and starwars is not a good mod in my opinion i like sword of damocles and cant wait till they finish porting it to warband :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
xaustinx2000 - - 1 comments

omg it keeps sayin that i need to install desura but i already have it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
blood3rg5 - - 1 comments

i own them all

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
austinm8565 - - 2 comments

They should make a Mass effect one i know it might not work but hey doesnt hurt to try.....oo and maybe a Lord of the rings and Halo mods just some thoughs

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
bencollings - - 48 comments

bandits rule carlradia is a mod i play and i captured all of rhodox protectors castle for lord kastor of velcua who els did that

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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