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Hello there! This month, new maps and infos about the dev. progress!

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Hi people,

time for the 7th news bulletin!

I'm very happy because during the last weeks I had a LOT of time to work on Cadaver Party.
It results in the making of two brand new maps, coding plus little improvements/works on already made maps.
I also added some new textures for these new maps, with custom SFX and models, so I didn't had time to be bored.

Watch screenshots from these new maps (work in progress blablabla, but well advanced):
Month 7 screenshots

Today, Cadaver Party, it is...

  • More than 15 levels
  • Custom textures and models (including 199mb of original textures)
  • Custom Soundtrack and SFX
  • And some surprises here and there

To resume, the mod has progressed very well recently.
There are still some months of work left but the "When it's done" release date will eventually become a "Soon". So please be patient, okay?~

Thanks for following this project, as usual I'm open to any question or commentary!
Sooo see you next month!...

... hmm, by the way, is this blood drops falling from the ceiling above your head??~~


prenz - - 585 comments

I'm very glad to hear that ^_^
The screenshots are awesome!

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