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Hello dear stalkers! A teaser mini-site is online for a few hours! Code-name: [iF.]. What is it all about? What about the progress of Episode 1?!

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Hello dear stalkers!

Teaser website is online!

When you will read these news, the brand new teaser mini-site will be online for a few hours!

>>> <<<

This teaser mini-site is for... well... I am afraid I cannot tell much for now. ;)
Just have a look for yourself!

[iF.] Teaser

What has been done since last article?

The beginning of October has been really hard for me because I have been very sick during a little more than two weeks. I am a lot better since last week so I'm rather relieved... but I am a little mad it arrived now and not later this year. Well, sometimes it can't be helped.

Despite this, I continued to work the best I could but it was not easy, I can't lie, things took more time than I wished. I could not work on it at some moment, still it's better than nothing, here is what I did:

As usual I managed to correct and improve lots of things: the private beta and the feedback help me A LOT to make Cadaver Party the best experience I can (at my level).

[iF.] Teaser

I corrected little bugs, improved some maps, added details (again), changed and/or added new things to do, places to go, added new quests, new tweaks concerning AI. I also optimized some areas where there were FPS drops.

For now the game has been successfully tested on various rigs, from the middle/low range laptop to the high-end PC. I hope everything will run fine for you as well!

About platforms, game works very well on Windows (from XP to 10) and - in theory - works on Mac OS X 10.5.8+ and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Mint 13 LTS, Fedora 16, fully updated. I'll try making some tests on Ubuntu and/or Mint.

Storyline, soundtrack, and more

The storyline, notes and other texts are about to be be locked. I want to make some minor changes and add more "side-notes". You'll understand better while playing, for now I don't want to spoil you too much things, sorry!

The soundtrack has been finalized! It features various tracks, I'll give you more precise informations about it later. I have put attention in this to bring the right mood at the right moment - I even made some loops for calm moments and others for... well... you'll see what I mean when it will happen. ;)

Fun fact: I added some (new) easter eggs here and there, it's a sign the game development is going very fine, isn't it? You should find some of them if like me you search every dark corners in this kind of games!

[iF.] Teaser

The project will stick to Amnesia: TDD's engine, it works very well so I don't want to use time porting it to SOMA's one. By the way I tested the new modding tools coming along with SOMA, they are really cool... maybe for another project... later! :)

... SOMA was a GREAT game, wow. Incredible. If you want to read my review have a look there. Plus do yourself a favor: buy it when you can.

What else could I say... oh, once again, check the teaser site if you have not yet!
I talked about the soundtrack a little earlier, the track you can here there will give you an idea of the "ambient"!

Good, good - I stop before I talk too much. Be sure to check what happens tomorrow! Don't forget to check Twitter @Yanka_Prod too... we never know! ;)

This is where I get off, stalkers! Thank you for your interest and messages!

I am really excited!

I know you are too! No? Well... at least the ghost right above your head has a HUGE grin, so it's enough for me to be happy~


PS: I received the latest Corpse Party – Blood Drive on PS Vita, the Heavenly Host Edition, very happy! I'm rather busy but I try to play it a little in bed before sleeping every night - so far I like it! If you like the previous games well... just buy it when you can, what are you waiting for!



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Yanka Author


Today on the website, interesting stuff are being talked about...
Hint: beta, demo teaser... you know what I mean. ;)

Have a look there and be ready for the last day tomorrow!

See you soon!

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