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No, I'm not asking you to participate in my Patreon, also I don't even have a Patreon! I'm talking about economic management on the Game!

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One of the many ideas that came in my mind, when I started to design the core features of the game, is that the game had to be difficult.

Since it's a niche genre I want people to sweat, mostly later on in the game. And I thought that one of the means to achieve that could be making economics difficult.

In every role playing game economics is important to buy the items you need to heal the player(s) and to buy new weapons or armour to get stronger. To learn new abilities you usually have skill points, or you learn those automatically during the campaign. Not in Ternion.

In Ternion there are skills that are learned automatically while getting to the next level, but most of them needs to be bought. Because HDev skills are not provided by a mysterious magical force, those skills are provided by a technological device. So it's important for you to plan in advance which characters will be focused on which type of skills. If you buy every skill to everyone you won't have money to buy items or weapons, if you only buy items and weapons you won't be able to overcome every type of situation in battle. Everyone has to find the right mix for their style of play, learning to be careful to not spend too much money!

Oh, also with money you can buy food supplements to get additional bonuses on specific parameters while getting to the next level.

Emh, yeah. Good luck to everyone.

Bye! :D

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