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Much waited Modern Warfare Mod 4.2 is now released! The new updates feature significantly improved AI behavior (fixed "AI does nothing" bug), major changes to infantry role and bullet damage effects, new upgraded FLINT 4.0 missile simulator, and numerous improvements to ground vehicles and rocket artillery units.

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Modern Warfare Mod Version 4.2 is here!

Modern Warfare Mod Version 4.2 is now released, codenamed "Rawhide".

New features in 4.2:

  • Significant improvements and changes to the infantry role -- infantry role now uses fire-team sized units, also re-worked all bullets and small arms damage effects. Infantry may now use jeeps again for transport as well.
  • Added new unit for RU faction: 2S25 Sprut-SD Amphibious Light Tank. Can be ordered by all roles from the Infantry panel.
  • Performance enhancements and minor fixes from bugs noted on 4.1.x builds.

Cumulative Changes from 4.1.x:

  • Upgrade of Flexible Interceptor (FLINT) Missile Simulator to version 4.0, featuring frame-rate independent aerodynamics, overall improvements to performance and fidelity.
  • Fixed the "AI does nothing" bug. Also addressed stability issues with AI players causing game to freeze from time to time.
  • Added new models for M270 MLRS, M1A2 Abrams.
  • Added M142 HIMARS and significantly improved the utility function of Networked Artillery units.
  • Added AGM-154 Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) glide bomb (automatically released by program based on target conditions), called in automatically when using JTAC infantry.
  • Attack helicopters can now re-arm their anti-tank missiles while they are depleted only half-way thru (rather than being forced to wait until all missiles are depleted).
  • Significantly improved Networked Artillery functions.

With inclusion of the artillery role into the networked gameplay system, we have now finally completed the last remaining puzzle in World in Conflict for portrayal of modern firearms.

NOTE: This mod requires your World in Conflict to be patched to version or it will not work. To patch your game, simply start the game, sign into multiplayer, and it will detect that your game is outdated and patch it.


Choose which type of install you would like to do. Please note that the installer is only compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Not Windows XP.

This is a full version of the mod. Even if you don't have the mod at all this will install it as the current version. If you do have a previous version, it will update you to the current version.


MW Mod 4.1 release also updated the map pack. If you had a previous version of the map pack installed from older versions of the mod, please update it by downloading the latest map pack below:

Map Pack: Download Link (4.1)

The updated map pack improves performance of the mde_Reforger map and adds one additional map: do_Fulda by Slepnyrl.

NOTE: If you already had any version of the maps from 4.1 or onwards you do not need to redownload the maps.

System Requirements

Due to the increasing complexity in the simulation of missiles, aircraft, artillery, and more- Modern Warfare Mod 4 requires a higher-end system than specified on the original World in Conflict system requirements.

These are now the minimum system requirements:

  • OS: Windows Vista or 7
  • Processor: Intel i5/i7 or AMD Quad Core FX
  • RAM: 3 GB or more
  • Graphics card: DirectX 11 NVidia or AMD ATI card, Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 or ATI Radeon 5870 or higher.
  • Graphics card memory: 512 MB or more
  • Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card

These are now the recommended system requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit (Vista also supported)
  • Processor: 2nd Generation Intel i5/i7 or high-end AMD Quad Core FX
  • RAM: 4 GB or more
  • Graphics card: DirectX 11 NVidia or AMD ATI card, Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon 6950 or higher.
  • Graphics card memory: 1 GB or more
  • Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card

At minimum, your system (including video card) must maintain 27 frames per second or higher, and 40fps or higher is recommended for a good gameplay experience. Below 27 fps, numerous homing projectiles may miss their targets or fail to perform altogether. Try lowering your graphics settings if you cannot achieve enough frame rate.

World in Conflict and MW Mod both support multi-threading.

Due to the fact that WiC's dedicated server application (WiC_DS) only runs at 10 frames per second and is incredibly buggy, MW Mod cannot be run on dedicated servers or it will crash.

This means that all sessions need to be hosted by players.

For details on how to host a game with your friends or other MW Mod players, please see: Understanding Multiplayer for WiC MW Mod.

To find other MW Mod players, please join our WiC Clan, and join our Steam group !

Firstly, here are some lists that may be useful:

Complete development changelog follows.

Change Log 4.2 (Rawhide)
Last updated January 3, 2014

- All squad-based units are now removed and replaced with lighter and more nimble fireteam
units. Each unit is between 4 to 5 men max.

- Infantry fireteam units may now use Light Utility Vehicles (jeeps) for fast transportation.
Light Utility Vehicles can be purchased out-of-role from the Support panel at the same
discounted price as support role.

- Reconfigured all bullets and projectile damage logics for small caliber fire. Infantry/
human type units will no longer survive more than 1-2 hits max from 5.56mm rounds. Anything
at 7.62mm and above will prove fatal.

- Implemented MOA variance to all small caliber/anti-infantry weapons. Volume fire is needed
for achieving desired kill effects -- however, single bullet hitting can be fatal against
infantry units.

- Buildings now provide more robust protection for garrisoned infantry (building to infantry
damage modifier has been reduced).

- Increased Sprint defensive ability runtime to 50 seconds.
- Increased Sprint defensive ability recharge time to 60 seconds.
- Updated some machine gun sound effects.

- Infantry units will crawl and will become suppressed when taking intensive enemy fire. Unit's hitbox
is swapped with a smaller one to help avoid getting hit by bullets when crawling.
- Fixed an issue where AT-4 and RPG-29 fired from infantry would hit the ground immediately from
launch, causing friendly fire.

- In order to balance the game on behalf of the new updated infantry role, prices have been
increased on all legacy non-networked heavy artilleries (US/ROK K-9, RU 2S7 Pion). Accuracy
has also been reduced slightly.

This is an interim solution to prevent these units from becoming abused. If you are
looking to just destroy everything, you can either use cheat (anhCheats) or for legit
gameplay, use theater ballistic missile launchers.

For realistic & proper artillery use, use the JFSN Networked Artillery system (MLRS units),
which require a forward deployed infantry or ground vehicle to call in fire missions using
their Offensive Special Ability button.

- Reduced price of Mobile FARP helicopter for Support out-of-role purchase.
- Updated RU Mi-24V Transport Gunship Helicopter to Mi-24VM standard --
now equipped with 23mm Gsh-23L autocannon.
- Renamed and redesignated RU Mi-24 helicopter to another 'Attack Helicopter for Beginners' to
help newcomers. Helicopter will maintain minimum altitude hover, just like with the existing
Mi-28 'Attack Helicopter for Beginners'.

- Reduced price of RU Mi-24 Hind and Mi-8 Hip helicopters for RU Air role.
- Reduced price of RU ZSU-23-4 Shilka for Infantry out-of-role purchase.
- Reduced price of RU SA-22 Pantsir for Support, Infantry and Air roles (from 900 to 750).

- Added 2S25 Sprut-SD Amphibious Light Tank to RU faction. Can be ordered by all roles from
the Infantry panel. Unit features a 125mm cannon loaded with HE-HEAT and 8x 9M119M Refleks

Good to provide fire cover for advancing infantry at stand-off distances. Just like the
US Stryker vehicles, Sprut-SD's armor is made out of kleenex -- never attempt to fight
enemy armor by confronting it. Unit is also amphibious and is able to fire its main gun
while floating on the water.

FLINT Missile System:
- Further smoothed out linear interpolation (Lerp) logic for handling missile orientation.
- Slightly improved the performance of EX3D rendering driver.

- Updated some in-game UI interfaces for Windows 8 look & feel.
- Updated Credits section.

Cumulative Change Log from 4.1.1 (Cuda):

CommanderAI (CAI):

- Substantially improved AI stability, addressing frequent in-game freeze-ups.

In order to further stabilize the game from CAI-caused crashes & freeze ups, bot-run Heavy SAM
sites are now no longer controlled by the in-game AI system. Instead, the new AI Subsystem Layer
(ASL) takes over and manages the AI SAM sites, completely bypassing the game's Commander AI (CAI)

- Support bots will now send SHORAD (short range AA) to the battle for frontline AA cover.

- AI operated Heavy SAM sites are now spawned further back to better protect important tactical &
strategic assets, such as arty noobs, C4I nodes, FOB and ballistic missile launchers, etc.

- AI/bot operated Heavy SAM and networked artilleries that are destroyed will now take up to 180
seconds to re-spawn.

- Improved AI for Infantry role bot players.

- AI players will now more frequently mount attacks in an aggressive fashion (like in vanilla game).

Units & Gameplay:
- Reduced price for RU armor role T-90, SA-22 Pantsir and SA-15 Tor M1.

- Attack Helicopters can now fully re-arm their missiles (using FOB or Mobile FARP) while there is still
ammo remaining. (i.e. if you re-arm at having 4/8 Hellfires left, you'll get it reset to 8/8 Hellfires.)

- Added Active Protection System (APS) to Stryker MGS.

- Reduced pricing for RU Transport Attack Helicopter (Mi-24V)

- Added new model for following units:
M1A2 Abrams, M270A1 MLRS

- Corrected incorrect geometry on AH-64E Apache model (courtesy of NodUnit for assistance).

- Added new unit: M142 HIMARS -- cheaper, lighter Networked Artillery with half of armament payload from M270, but with faster mobility.

- Improved Joint Fire Support Network (JFSN) functionality for Network Artillery units:
- Removed "Fire units are re-aligning, wait x seconds.." holding times.
- Added 10 seconds alignment delay before executing each requested fire mission (in order to improve realism).
- Multiple artillery strike requests can be "stacked" / "queued" by requesting several artillery strikes simultaneously --
You can now perform "walking barrage" by requesting artillery in several zones ahead of enemy's advance.
- Networked Artillery MLRS units now have 70km+ range -- they can strike anywhere on the map, upon receiving fire mission request from a forward observer unit (i.e. infantry)

- In addition to infantry, the following vehicles can now call for artillery fire (offensive special ability) from Networked Artillery batteries:
T-80U (already present), Stryker MGS,
Light Utility Vehicles (jeeps), Transport trucks (Ural, M939),
LAV-AD, SA-13 / Strela,
AAVP7A1 and BTR-82 (amphibious transports)

- New ordnance for US JTDS aircraft system: AGM-154A Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW)
Long range glide bomb to attack group of non-moving enemy units (fortifications, SAM sites, arty
noob blob etc).
Use JTAC infantry to designate the target -- if there are 3 or more vehicles located within the area,
F-18 will release the bomb as soon as possible.

The JSOW does not use laser illumination, instead it uses GPS/INS guidance only -- as a result, the
JSOW cannot be used to attack moving vehicles. JTAC infantry's laser is only used to 'designate' the
target area for JSOW launch. Once the JSOW has been released, JTAC does not need to keep
lasing his target any further.

FLINT Missile System:
- Flexible Interceptor Missile System engine has been upgraded to new version 4.0.
FLINT engine 4.0 brings several changes and improvements, such as:

- New physics integrator (Velocity-Verlet) and Linear Interpolation (Lerp) processing -- All FLINT missiles are now completely frame-rate independent. Aerodynamic physics are now handled same regardless of 10 fps or 60 fps.

- New aerodynamic system provides improved handling of gravitational acceleration, atmospheric pressure and improved modeling of rocket thrust.

- Completely rewritten implementation of Proportional Navigation (PN) guidance -- "closing velocity" is now properly estimated as specified on real-life implementations.

- Added Command-to-Line of Sight (CLOS) guidance algorithm for missiles employing CLOS/SACLOS (i.e. 9M120 Ataka, 9A4172 Vikhr M, Pantsir, Refleks, etc).

- The maximum altitude capable to be handled by FLINT engine has been raised from 2,000 wic meters (wm) peak altitude to 50,000 wm. Some ballistic missiles will now reach sub-orbital flight altitudes, exiting the atmosphere briefly at the peak of their flight.

- Launch altitude and launch speed are now modeled when calculating rocket's velocity.

- Additional bug fixes:
- Fixed an issue where AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire missile loses lock and flies straight into the sky during LOBL engagement. Missile now switches to inertial navigation when losing seeker lock, allowing it to steer back into the acquisition basket.
- Fixed a bug where AGM-65D Maverick warhead does not detonate upon impact.
- Fixed a bug where SA-22 and SA-15 SAMs did not engage JDAM PGMs.

Version 4.1 R1 Hotfix (Build 6171.02-20131209) Change Log

- Addressed a bug where Ballistic Missiles and some artillery rockets would "time out" and
self-destruct during lag situations.

- Optimized performance of mde_Reforger map.

- Decreased fire rate (from 7.5 to 6 seconds) on T-80U 2A46M gun auto loader.

- Reconfigured M1A2 Abrams MBT's side armor to account for lack of reactive armor plates (and for
game balancing).

- Helicopters hovering in low altitude at no visible speed will no longer be detected by fighter
aircraft's Look-Down/Shoot-Down (LDSD) radar for BVR engagement.

Version 4.1.1 Update (Build 6173) Change Log

- Reduced Smoke Screen defensive ability recharge time to 25 seconds for RU T-80UK tank and US
Stryker MGS.
- RU 9K79 Tochka ballistic missile launchers now have an initial wait duration of 10 seconds from
spawning before their offensive ability could be used to fire the missile.
- Adjusted blast yield of RU 9K79 nuclear-tipped theater ballistic missile to 100 kilotons scale.
- (JFSN Networked Artillery) Russian T-80UK Command Tank's Offensive Ability will now request
complete saturation area bombardment even when there are little or no enemy targets present in
the targeted zone. Note: This request will quickly deplete the ammo of Networked Artillery units;
In addition, calling in Heavy Bombardment will erase a city block by carpeting them with cluster
munitions. Therefore, please be sure to check what you're targeting before ruining infantry
building covers.

- Changed voice acting for US M1A2 Abrams.
- Repair Tank can now be ordered by the Armor role via out-of-role purchase. Price has also been
reduced to 600 (from 750).
- Added Airdropped PAC-3 SAM Launcher to US side Tactical Aid menu, to help cope with saturation
ballistic missile attacks. Requires active Patriot SAM site (radar) to operate. Although not required,
it is recommended to have the launcher located somewhat near a support player's Patriot site to
ensure best kinematics performance.

- Slightly improved game performance when Phalanx and Pantsir AAA guns are firing.
- Fixed bug where 9M330 Tor missile flew straight up during launch sequence and failed to guide (cold
launch maneuver sequence failed to engage).
- Reduced RU Mi-28N Havoc helicopter price to help speed up reinforcement point refunds.
- Programmed helicopter launch mode for 9A4172 Vikhr M missile currently fired by RU Su-25 CAS jet.
Not yet useable by the user -- this is an advance interim work for next attack helicopter being
added in future versions.
- US Patriot SAM changes:
1. Minimum intercept altitude has been raised further, to prevent SAMs from diving into the ground
or crashing into buildings (esp. those occupied by friendly infantry) while trying to intercept an
incoming ballistic missile.
2. Fixed annoying bug where missiles available is incorrectly displayed until the Weapons Control
Computer (WCC) restarted after idling.
3. Fixed a bug where launch stations (LS) were no longer being addressed by the WCC, causing the
system to fail to engage incoming enemy missiles until WCC restarted.
4. WCC has now been programmed to think harder about saturation attacks when defending from
ballistic missile raids. Based on a number of parameters (such as launchers, fire control
resources and missile rounds available), the computer will now dynamically designate "raid groups"
to identify saturation attacks and then automatically adjust between "SHOOK-LOOK-SHOOT",
"SHOOT-SHOOT", "RIPPLE" and "SALVO" modes of fires.


cool Thank you. Now i can play against those ai

Many thx and awesome new model

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

On the map of New York(Where you have to go over the water,) does the AI finally do stuff?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
blahdy Author

Unfortunately not yet :( Something I do would like to fix at some point though.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Darn. I love that map, but the mod so far is fantastic.

Great job!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thanks Blahdy :) Looking forward to play this mod again .BTW have added or improved the infantry units this time ? cause i think that infantry is really underrated in WIC and maybe with a little bit of modifications they could be become as good as armored and air units

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
blahdy Author

Infantry was recently improved since version 3.5 and is plenty powerful if you understand the cover & mobility part of WiC.

If you have specific suggestions, feel free to post them over at the Forums for discussion.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

how can i install it ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

An Installer is included , Just click next and voila you're good to go :)

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Thank you for the amazing mod~!!!

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When you use copyright music for your vides YT just gona kick them down, kick your in the *** and the rest of the world can't see them anyway.

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Can't use russian ballistic missile "Tochka" - it's dissapear after 1 minute after launch.
Russian AI usualli stronger - 5:7 bots for paritet

Thank you for brilliant work.

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blahdy Author

Download the mod again, the "4.1 R1 (build 6171.02)" hotfix corrects the bug with Tochka missiles where they "timed out" and self-destructed 1 minute after launch.

The new hotfix addreses this bug so it should work now.

As for Russian AI being stronger, that is intended gameplay model in line with realistic doctrines.

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O thanks very much!
(I just prefer "old school" manual installation :) )

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Awesome! And you will still be updating and adding to the mod right? I saw something about artillery being the last piece of the puzzle, so just wondering!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Is this something that can be played in singel players, or is this just for multiplayers game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
blahdy Author

Both. You can't play campaign with the mod, but you can certainly play solo/single-player mode using skirmish option.

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How do I update it if I have 4.0?

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blahdy Author

Just install the new version -- it will overwrite it.

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hi, i dont have (solo)in my menu, i can play skirmish with (local network-create server), my version is and download this mod, but not work! please help me

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blahdy Author

Play with bots. The mod doesn't have campaign mode, but instead you're supposed to play with bots (and friends..).

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