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I wanted to start modding either CNC Generals, or maybe Supreme Commander 2 (But I understand that SC2 is much harder to do so), but I don't know how to code any of them. If you have any coding instructions/tips/tutorials, or would request another game I might like to mod (preferably RTS), please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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Hey pplz from the moddb community!
My name is InsurgentCell, or just CeLL, and maybe even Centurion87 if you play starcraft 1 on gameranger (im planning to rename myself cell there)
I recently got a cool program called 3ds max (student version) and I made a couple cool models, my most recent and least fail is the IS4 (images). Now, I feel like I am ready to start to learn how to mod. The games that I want to start a mod project on is either Command and Conquer Generals Zero hour, and/or maybe even Supreme Commander 2 if I'm feeling really ambitious. The problem is, I really don't have a single clue how to code any of them.

I have a couple ideas down for a supreme commander 2 mod, but I don't know where to start. Generals Zero Hour seems much easier to mod, but there is already basically a mod for everything in that game.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me mod any of these games, or give me some startup tutorials on coding. I have this really ambitious project in my mind for Supreme Commander 2, that might add one or two, maybe even three factions (if that is possible). But that seems a long way off.

Anyway, please leave some comments below, and hopefully, I can start modding either game as soon as I can.

Oh, and also, if there is any games you would like me to try and mod, please say so. I prefer RTS games, cuz they are more of my style, but I can really do any genre. Thanks, everybody!


i hope you have great luck. space empires v is a really really easy game to mod lol. the most ive modded of cnc generals is making radiation stay and tryed makin 3 diffrent artillaries on contra mod. first was success but second was fail lol. i wish u much luck in ur endevors. i cannot mod and that sucks when you have lots of good sounding ideas and have no way to get them into game form lol

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if you are interested, you can help me with my still new mod. I really need modelers. I can teach you how to code in zerohour, its pretty simple and ive been doing that for more than 6 years. What im currently focusing on is breaking limits in the zerohour code to give the game new features.

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Conquest frontier wars

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Adding Factions is not possible as far as I know for SupCom2.

However adding units and coding is not 'too hard' in that game. I am not sure about how to import models yet (for my SupCom2 mod SupCom2013 I have only used differently scaled existing models), but I am sure there is plenty of help on the GPG forums.

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