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A bit overdue Logbook entry! WIP peek at new structures I've been working on.

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Modders Logbook - April 2015


Im a bit late writing this post and unfortunately I don't have much to report. April saw the all time low mod progress as there just was not enough time for modding.

We did manage to revise the structure creation script we use to build and manage large structures from multiple parts and got rid of the attachto script as a necessity, as it unfortunately breaks the physX component with the objects that are attached to something.

This however is a problem no more and we can continue to develop the building management and control system.

I think all progress we've made has something to do with mapping and map assets as I've been working to flesh out the city structures and I uploaded some screenshots for you to enjoy!

City Structures WIP updateCity Structures WIP update
City Structures WIP update

The empty superstructure of the walls will be filled with generated content from a pool of infrastructure assets and there will be multitude of "rooms" with different functions like storages, garages, offices, military and medical facilities, habitats and whatever we come up with. The same goes with the other buildings although different districts will be more focused on certain types of structure assets.

Our aim is to make all the randomized buildings accessible and destructible to make the environment interesting and dynamically changing to challenge players to explore it again and again on their search for the Dragon.

Heres also a little video log where I give a bit more closer tour on the new structures!

Onwards we go!


Looks like it's going to be awesome!

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Is the aircraft in the images some kind of VTOL aircraft? Also, incredible attention to detail you've put into this.

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HorribleGoat Author

Yes it is indeed first of our heavy vtol gunships! And thank you, although I must say detail levels are still very low! :D

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