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Introducing a new member of the development team, as well as an update on the future of Back to Basics.

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As of today, DucaFBF is a member of the team for Back to Basics. He will manage the ModDB page, adding content like screenshots and answering questions. He will also update the whole page a bit, as a lot of it is outdated.

Besides that, he also will be a beta tester, giving us more chance to find bugs and inbalances to make more stable releases in the future

Some news regarding v1.3 and v1.4, AGameAnx and me are back on track and did some good changes lately, mostly trying to fix that building up defenses quickly and early around key sectors was way to easy. Giving the player a very good resource income early on. Currently in the released v1.2 it's just too effective to defend, and we want to get rid of that advantage. That's why we decided to increase build times for all sorts of defenses (wire, sandbags, emplacements, etc), as well as making them cost 5-10 manpower (wire, sandbags, tank traps etc).

For v1.4 we are planning a overhaul of all commander trees once again; as we also find them sometimes giving too powerfull stuff, especially regarding some call-in units. We are going to think of a way that commander trees make a different impact on the game than right now; but we will keep you all posted about that.

We apologize for such a long time between v1.2 and v1.3, and we hope to release v1.3 very soon. We are looking forward to the release.

-Cel├ęstial, AGameAnx

iMolestCats - - 115 comments

i dont know about that idea to use 5-10 MP just for sandbags, tanktraps,etc . i personally dont agree with that idea i dont like it.

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Celution Author
Celution - - 528 comments

Well it's not that bad ingame. We might lower it for wire though. The reason behind is, is that you can setup such defenses in the early game way to easy to camp your *** off and block whole sections off from early on. If you do this now, it will slow you down in teching up.

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