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Update on the mod's progress, introducing myself to you, answers on frequently asked questions.

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Hello, my name's Aliah, I'd like to give you a well-deserved update on the mod and it's progress.

But first, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a long-time modder, though mostly working for myself or behind the scenes, with several mods for New Vegas, and experience in the older Homeworld game as well as the current one. Any game I can pick up, I'm on-top of modding it immediately. Because of this, I usually end up learning all the facets of modding said games to keep flexible and make sure I can realize what I set out to do.
Primarily, I bring my coding knowledge to the Halo Homefront mod team, helping to get the AI working 100% once more, helping with problems that crop up with weapons, ships, or balance issues, and create the code that runs the FX you'll see whenever you play the mod. I'm a huge fan of nearly all sci fi out there, especially of Stargate, Mass Effect, Star Wars, and many sci fi-based animes, including Ghost in the Shell.
What I lack in knowledge about Halo, I make up for helping to close up loop-holes in Bungie's "lore", so in the end you get a dash of canon with a side of "it makes sense" too.
I'm proud to be helping Velo and Zero out, and intend to stick around well past the mod's completion.

Onto mod news:

So far here's our general plan: Currently the build we've got in internal testing is nothing like the older builds posted around Christmas, 2010, with new textures, entirely new ships added in, a working AI, several in-house custom maps made by me, and new FX for nearly all weapons inside the mod.
The idea is to get the current plethora of ships(around six or seven) into the current version of the mod, balance them, polish up the mod, then release it to you, the public.
Some common answers to common questions:

Will the ratio of Covenent to UNSC in a firefight be maintained?

Yes and no, the Covenant ships will be stronger in a one-for-one basis, but the more important facet of combat this mod intends to bring out is balanced and smart fleet composition(AKA, you fight alone, you die alone), even something as large as an Assault Carrier will be capable of being taken down by smaller ships if unescorted.

Will "insert ship name here" be in the mod?
Don't know, can't tell you, as a general rule, the Halo canon are mostly guidelines, and we expand upon it from there. You will see many ships famous in canon, you will see some new ones. The Spirit of Fire will not be in the mod, ever, don't ask, please.

When is the next release?
When it's done, is the short answer. The long answer is, mid/end of August, or beginning of September, most likely. Things change, real life interferes, unexpected issues come up, trust in that there will be a beta, it will come out, you will have your socks blown off when you do finally play it, and it will be in the near future, rather than years from now, that much can be promised.

Are you still hiring more team members?

Always. Anyone with Homeworld 2 modding skills is directed to contact V3LO or 880Zero with what you can do. Remember, the more help we have, the faster things can move along!

As always, remember, the mod is being made for you, and we are a small team(core members being only three people), and we will do all we can to make this mod as good as it can get, and get it to you in a timely manner.
Most likely, the next update will contain information about the beta, so it'll be another good month or so, until then, hang in there, and peace out!


Peace be with you Aliah, thank you for the update. Its nice to see you guys are doing so well in such a short time !

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Thank you very much , cant wait for the beta

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