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Showing the progress of the Mod in its current state.

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Hi everyone,

Let's talk about the progress of the Mod:

Added Napalm Strike to the Asian Empire:

Added an abillity to eject the Pilot of (some) Vehicles on Demand
(Only for Europa Alliance):

Added Walls:


Added\Changed the AWL Command Center:

Command HQ

Tweaked the AWL Supply Drop Zone Model:

Supply Drop Zone 1

The new AWL Scorpion Tank:

Scorpion Tank

Changed the Layout of the Main Menu UI (User Interface)

Added Bayonet ability to the Asian Empire Conscripts (Red Guards)

And that's it for this progress update, see you in future updates.


I like how all your renders have "By: Zombatar" even the ones that just show one of the unused models in the game with just little, if any, edits.

EA might be "the worst", but they still deserve credit for the things they've made.

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Zeke_Dlyoung The main concept of the mod is to bring some,if not all of the alpha stuff that were not made or were cut from the game
So it's obvious that some of the stuff i implement are already made by EA or partially made
The "By:ZOMBATAR" refers to me editing or tweaking or implementing or fixing or even making some of the models (like the AWL Airfield and the Supply Drop Zone for example)
So i think i deserve credit for that.

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I never said you didn't, I'm just saying the way it is now is not clear. It looks like your taking full credit, rather than partial credit.

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Zeke_Dlyoung I got your point, will mind that in future updates

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