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After more than 5 years, the mod reached a point where I consider it finished (kindda)


Those were the headlines which this mod started to achieve, and today with this release I think it managed to achieve most (if not all) of them, simple goals but were only reachable by hard and passionate work.

Here is the Supreme Leading Version 2.0 Final Release:

cc generals supreme leading v2 0

With Version 2.0 release I'm proud of what the mod has reached and evolved into, Especially because it was a very close project to me because of my love to the C&C games and Generals in particular so with working more and more on this project it felt like participating in reviving a great game that deserves to continue for years to come.

Install Final

I know that many people waited for this release and I'm sorry for the delay but unfortunately live gets in the way, Although I'm releasing V2.0 of the mod today it's not 100% complete the remaining things to do are included in the To-Do & Known Bugs text file not a very long list with minor stuff left just wanted to include it to show what I had in mind.

Unfortunately this is the final release of the mod because I no longer have the time( or the will) to continue, but I will be more than happy to hear your thoughts about the release.

This release has lots of new content and improvements and bug fixes for a more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Here is the Full list of Changes:

1- Changed some in-game screens
2- Tweaked main menu elements
3- Tweaked the shell map
4- Fixed some typos and edited some text lines
5- Tweaked the AWL supply truck model
6- Changed some of the cameos
7- Fixed Air Ace very low speed when really damaged
8- Changed the Air Ace model to a proper jet
9- Fixed some missing command buttons when command sets get changed with mines upgrade
10- Made the AWL tunnel network able to train rocket soldiers
11- Added AP Bullets upgrade to the AWL tunnel network
12- Added AP Bullets & AP Rockets upgrades to the AWL Atlas helicopter
13- Added AP Rockets upgrade to the AWL Air Ace
14- Added junk repair upgrade to the AWL Air Ace & Atlas helicopter & Toxin Duster & Supply truck
15- The AWL supply drop zone now requires building the airfield
16- The AWL airfield now requires building the arms dealer
17- The AE Iron Dragon now requires building the weapons factory (propaganda center)
18- Fixed the radio sounds with the EU Alliance supply truck voice
19- Increased the size of the EU Alliance Command HQ (command center)
20- Improved the EU Alliance Command HQ really damaged textures
21- Tweaked the AE supply truck particle FX bones
22- Tweaked the AE Iron Dragon weapon
23- Fixed most of the buildings and units hot-keys
24- Tweaked the EU Alliance Starlifter health
25- Added Countermeasure upgrade to the EU Alliance Starlifter
26- Tweaked the EU Alliance Guardian drone model and code
27- Fixed the EU Alliance Guardian drone not having barrel recoil
28- Added track marks bones to the EU Alliance medic drone
29- Now the EU Alliance drones & drones center are unlockable via science
30- Tweaked the AE Scorpion tank damage
31- Implemented the Advanced AI Mod into my mod & improved the Mod AI and made it more hard (now most of the buildings and units and abilities and super powers are built and used by the Computer AI)
32- Implemented the 18 Buttons command bar Mod into my mod
33- Decreased the EU Alliance Starlifter build time and health
34- Now the AE Propaganda Trooper & Propaganda Blimp are unlockable via science
35- Tweaked rank points (2:2:3:2:3 for each rank *12 Points overall*)
36- Tweaked the EU Alliance Eject upgrade
37- Now the Radar Van has 2 slots for transport able to shoot from inside (best use is sniper with rocket soldier *but comes out of the arms dealer empty*)
38- Increased the AWL Radar Van Health and cost
39- Added missing Headlights and Muzzle FX/flash to all the units
40- Changed the AWL Quad Cannon to the Alpha textures
41- Changed some of the units and buildings names
42- Implemented new 3 Guard modes system: (The Normal Guard mode which an area will be guarded and enemy units will be followed - Guard Close mode which an area will be guarded but units will not follow enemy units - Guard unit which the player chooses one specific unit to be followed and guarded)
43- Added "Fire at Ground" command buttons to all artillery units
44- Now the AWL Air Ace Jet uses 4 Anti Tanks missiles and can be upgraded (per unit) to have a High Explosive Bomb instead for use against buildings
45- Added the Toxin Duster plane for the AWL for use against infantry (sprays toxins and can be upgraded with Anthrax beta)
46- Added a new ability to AWL units (Atlas - Air Ace - Toxin Duster only) to be able to self destruct the vehicle and produce a terrorist
47- Fixed some buildings scaffolding models and animation (AWL Command HQ & Victory Statue, etc)
48- Added Quad Cannon Sniping Rounds upgrade for the AWL (for balance purposes now the quad cannon can be upgraded to snip enemy infantry *the EU Alliance have sniper drones & the AE have snipers*)
49- Tweaked Atlas death animations and models
50- Removed the "can I have some shoes" voice line from the AWL supply truck
51- Added Salvaged Aircraft Armor upgrade to AWL (for balance purposes)
52- Now the Toxin Duster & Quad Cannon Sniper Round upgrade & Toxin Tank are unlockable via science
53- Added Toxin Tank building to the AWL (emits toxins that damages infantry and leaves big toxin area when destroyed *best use near important remote buildings like oil derricks*)
54- Reverted the AE sniper model to the original pathfinder model
55- Added Tomahawk Missile Control upgrade to the EU Alliance (allows the player to take control of the missile controlling its destination in mid air *after shooting the missile drag and select the missile to control it*)
56- Improved the use of Walls for all factions each in their unique way: (The AWL wall damages passing units - the AE wall lays mines around it which stays even if the building gets destroyed - the EU Alliance wall will buy the player some time while blocking passage and directing enemy fire towards it and it will alert the player with a loud siren *which can be silenced if it gets annoying* when enemy units get near the wall's radius)
57- Fixed the AE Iron Dragon missile exhaust returning to the vanilla exhaust FX after becoming veteran
58- Decreased the AWL Black Market Nuke Damage (for balance purposes from 1000 damage to 700) and damage radius decreased
59- Now all AWL jets/planes drop a terrorist when dead
60- Added Uranium Shells upgrade weapon bonus (25%) to the AE Iron Dragon jet
61- Added Neutron Missile upgrade to the AE Iron Dragon jet (per unit upgrade)
62- Added Fake AWL Airfield
63- Added AE Aircraft Armor upgrade to the Helix helicopter
64- Added Air Support upgrade to the EU Alliance Stealth fighter jet (per unit upgrade that heals units underneath the jet *best used with the Guard Unit mode*)
65- Improved most of the Decals and unit FX (like drones FX, etc.)
66- Added the Sentry Gun an anti infantry base defense building to the EU Alliance
67- Tweaked the AE supply truck code
68- Removed the AWL walls building scaffolding and fence
69- Fixed the AE wall construction bug
70- Now all the AE mines upgrades shows better looking mines models around the upgraded building
71- Improved the AWL Victory Statue model and improved the building's code
72- Added Fortified Structures upgrade to the AWL Victory statue
73- Added some of the Night and Snow buildings models (the AWL Victory Statue, etc.)
74- Fixed different missile exhaust bug when the EU Alliance Patriot Missile System shoots air units
75- Tweaked the AWL Scorpion tank weapons
76- Increased the AWL Air Ace jet speed and build time and decreased its health
77- Tweaked the AE Iron Dragon cost and build time
78- Now the AE Iron Dragon leaves a radiation field and nuke mushroom where the nuke missile detonates
79- Fixed the "Upgrade Complete" text when EU Alliance vehicles pilots bail
80- Added a missing star in the AWL faction logo
81- Now the EU Alliance has a UI overhaul with a new faction logo and control bar (to go along with the main theme of the faction)
82- Added engine exhaust fire FX to all the jets
83- Added a hole to the AWL Airfield & the Power Plant & the supply drop zone that appears to reconstruct the building after being destroyed
84- Fixed and added all the missing different salvage variants for the AWL vehicles (toxin tractor, scorpion tank, etc.) and now some units changes looks depending on upgrades (like the anthrax beta upgrade changes the toxin duster and toxin tractor looks, etc.)
85- Removed ranking on the EU Alliance drones and tweaked their code
86- Now all the EU Alliance drones cost the same
87- Increased EU Alliance Bio-hazard infantry cost
88- Fixed the EU Alliance SDI Up-link (Particle cannon) side bar launch command button not working bug
89- Now all jets missiles has exhausts
90- Fixed the EU Alliance pilot dying after bailing from a moving vehicle
91- Sorted some of the command sets buttons
92- Added mine field & neutron mine field upgrades to the AE Flame Tower
93- Fixed and added some missing upgrade bonuses and cameos on units and buildings
94- Added the missing EU Alliance leopard tank upgraded hulk when destroyed
95- Fixed the AWL Radar van spawned at the edge of the map after jammer upgrade
96- Decreased the AWL radar van jammer upgrade time (from 45 to 30 seconds)
97- Improved (Changed) the EU Alliance Rail Gun Laser FX
98- Improved (Changed) the EU Alliance Patriot Missile System missile detonation FX
99- Improved (Changed) the AWL Stinger site missiles detonation FX
100- Fixed some bad looking damaged and really damaged textures for units and buildings
101- Removed wood barricade models left on the AWL Airfield runway bug
102- Fixed EU Alliance Airfield model shadow bug
103- Tweaked the AE Propaganda Blimp locomotor (speed and movement)
104- Fixed the AWL supply truck model front wheel bug
105- Fixed the AWL supply drop zone surface shadow issue
106- Removed Nuclear tanks upgrade from the AE dragon tank
107- Decreased the AE Dragon tank health
108- Tweaked The EU Alliance EU Fighter jet weapons & code & reduced health
109- Implemented the 50 Colors Mod into my mod
110- Fixed some of the weapon launch bones mis-aligned in some AE tanks (shells shooting from the middle of the tank not the barrel)
111- Added more money choices in skirmish (from 5000 to 100000)
112- Fixed AE missing power bar in command bar bug
113- Improved the AE Flame Tower Black napalm FX
114- Fixed missing damage FX when the EU Alliance guardian and sniper drones get damaged
115- Tweaked the EU Alliance drones models and code
116- Removed the only 3 units limit for the AE propaganda blimp
117- Added missing debris when the EU Alliance rail gun & patriot missile system get destroyed
118- Fixed the EU Alliance Rail gun damaged and really damaged smoke and fire particles not moving with the turret
119- Fixed the AE dragon tanks flame particle FX not moving with the turret's nozzle
120- Reduced the EU Alliance seal upgrade and hover leopard upgrade cost and build time
121- Added propaganda trooper to the AE (an infantry equipped with a pistol & gives propaganda bonus to nearby units)
122- Now the AWL Black market nuke makes a green radiation field and mushroom

And more changes that are minor or that I can't remember.

Thank You, Enjoy.

Supreme Leading V1.0 Release

Supreme Leading V1.0 Release

News 6 comments

Finally, after years of making Supreme Leading V1.0 is released.

Mod Progress

Mod Progress

News 4 comments

Showing the progress of the Mod in its current state.

Resuming Work

Resuming Work


Resuming the work on the mod. I know that it's been a while but I'm back.

RSS Files
Supreme Leading V2.0

Supreme Leading V2.0

Full Version 8 comments

The Final Release (Probably): Supreme Leading Version 2.0

Supreme Leading V1.2 Patch

Supreme Leading V1.2 Patch

Patch 4 comments

(Updated Sunday 10 Sep 2017 Please Re-Download) Supreme Leading V1.2 Patch. Fixes some bugs & improves some stuff.

Supreme Leading V1.1

Supreme Leading V1.1

Full Version 6 comments

Version 1.1 comes with changes and bug fixes. Play and enjoy.

Supreme Leading V1.0

Supreme Leading V1.0

Full Version 5 comments

Finally, after years of development, Supreme Leading V1.0 is released.

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I think you should continue to update and add more cut content, like the unused technical van unit (it looks more like a second technical unit than mixed in with the pickup truck)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You know, you can add the Iron Dragon mission with some improvements (Like difficulty, side missions you got it), it would be real interesting

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Fun fact I planned to remake the originally scratched single player mission and add it in the 2.0 version but just didn't get around to it + I don't have enough map making knowledge unfortunately to polish it.
I have a work in progress Iron Dragon map laying around some where, That I was working on (or sort of training on it), but in a pretty rough/placeholder shape.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I was thinking of making a mod based off Generals' cut content, but boi someone already made one, and a great work too!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Glad you liked it, There is always room for improvement.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nice mod, has some neat features!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thank you, Have fun with it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Well. Congratulations. Mod beautiful.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thank you, I hope you enjoy Version 2.0

Reply Good karma+1 vote

we will have some sneak peak reight?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Sure, there will be some but not at the moment, because I'm more focused on the development of the Mod for the time being.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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